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Ronan Kennedy Coaching and Training

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Ronan Kennedy Coaching and Training

Stephen's Green


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Dav Geltzer

24 July 2019

Ronan is an authentic person who cares about helping people. He is dedicated and knowledgeable in many areas of coaching; he is someone you can use as a benchmark on what a coach should be.


John O'Connor

23 July 2019

I was lost after being let go from my job after 6 months. My confidence was extremely low and I knew I needed guidance in finding a new role. I found Ronan, extremely professional and instrumental in helping me prepare for the interviews I was about to face. I am currently in full -time employment and the confidence is slowly getting back to where it was. More...


Rachel Thornburgh

9 July 2019

Ronan puts clarity on CV essentials and is incredibly helpful with the entire process. He responded to my email in a matter of minutes and a session was scheduled for the following day. He tooled me up with loads of helpful resources and practical tips. Thanks Ronan! More...


Pauric Peoples

23 May 2019

I would highly recommend Ronan. He is extremely knowledgeable in everything from career advice, CV improvement and interview preparation. He is very enthusiastic, personable and shows a genuine interest. More...


Ciara Spain

26 March 2019

I genuinely could not recommend Ronan Kennedy enough. As a career coach he went above and beyond to aid my job search. Ronan gave incredible advice for both CV planning and identifying jobs suited to my professional experience. Moreover, I gained immense confidence in my interviewing abilities through his guidance. An excellent and worthwhile service. More...


Susan Nolan

25 January 2019

I would highly recommend Ronan as a career coach. He is generous with his knowledge and experience and has a passion for his work.


Matej Silipetar

25 January 2019

Ronan help me a lot with a career plan! He is full of knowledge and really nice person! If you are struggling with your job hunt, or would like to start business but not sure and confident what to do - don't hesitate and contact Mr. Kennedy!


Nanice Abourida

25 January 2019

I highly recommend Ronan Kennedy as a Career coach to anyone changing careers or having doubt about which career path to pursue. He is a good listener and very passionate about sharing knowledge. I had 2 sessions with him that helped me secure my dream job. I can't thank you enough Ronan. More...


Darragh Faughey

25 January 2019

I would recommend Ronan highly. He helped me identify skills I struggled to recognise I had within myself, and from previous experiences. Improving my CV was another great benefit of his service. More...


Harriet Treacy

26 November 2018

Ronan has distinguished himself from traditional career coaches by his genuine care and concern and his ability to see a process through with his client from start to finish. Aside from his breath of knowledge on various marketplace opportunities, he has a deep understanding the human side; how and why we make the career decisions we do. It is this level of attention to detail that makes his career guidance so valuable. Thanks a million for your professional guidance :) More...


Taylor Yetts

27 October 2018

Highly, highly recommended. After one productive session, my employment search ramped up tremendously - within just a few weeks, I was interviewing with several firms and ultimately secured my top-choice job among multiple offers. Thanks, Ronan!


Ross McNeill

29 June 2018

I would highly recommend going to see Ronan. I had a couple of sessions earlier this year and Ronan helped me focus on the positive aspects of my experiences to date, and in particular, not to be put-off by job descriptions. In the past, I have always gained employment through friends asking for my CV, and not necessarily having to through the full application process. Ronan helped me to focus and pick-out things of note from my work history, and tailoring them to target company requirements. I would also urge you to use Ronan's CV and cover-letter writing services. Ronan revised my CV to current standards and made it very user-friendly, allowing it to be easily tailored for a particular role. Thanks again, Ronan. More...