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In the lovely village of Ridgewood, Hot Bagels are served tasty and delicious only at the EverythingBagel eatery.

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Harika Prabhakar

15 October 2019

Best gluten free bagels hands down!!! Their jalapeño cream cheese is a must have


Priscilla Russoniello-Leto

15 October 2019

Love the large selection of gluten free bagels and baked goods! It is so great to go get a gf bagel sandwich. I missed that! Also the manager and staff are super nice and helpful. More...


Cathy Tintle Mascarelli

14 October 2019

Everything Bagel is not only a great place for all kinds of Bagels and Treats! It is the best place to have as your Vendor for your schools. The owner goes above and beyond everyday. More...


Laurie Jeron

5 October 2019

I experienced gluten free at it's best today. A Cinnamon Cranberry Bagel with Bacon, Egg and Cheese. Don't knock it before you try it. It was an explosion of flavor. The coffee was great and also took a gluten free sweet treat home too. I give it a 10. Whether you are gluten free or not- check them out. I know I will be back again. More...


S V.

21 August 2019

Love this place the bagels are so fresh, a tad bit on the pricier side but their bagels are worth it. The customer service is wonderful!


Erica Rohaidy

7 August 2019

Our favorite bagel place! And just found out yesterday they make Cuban sandwiches and it was so good!


Tiffany Y.

26 July 2019

Wow...ordered from this place for a co workers going away party and 'wow' is all I can say about the food we orderedWe ordered 5 sausage, egg, cheese, & potato wraps and 5 bacon, egg, cheese & potato wraps, mixed with flour/whole wheat wraps, and a basket of mini bagels that came with four spreads of butter, cream cheese, scallion cream cheese, and veggie cream cheese. We left the wraps there for about an hour before anyone was able to dig in and it. Was. Phenomenal. I don't know if it's because I was starving- but This is the best breakfast wrap I've had next to the bagel house in Lodi! Everyone in the office LOVED the wrap and the presentation of the bagels was amazing..already cut in halves with plastic knives in them (SO considerate), we got a mix of different types of bagels and these bagel balls that we loved. I bought some leftover wraps home to my husband and warmed it in my oven and it was just as good as it was from the morning. I can't wait to try their tuna - this is also something my co worker absolutely loved from this place and they haven't been wrong about the food. I'd eat their wraps for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if they were opened at night...Did I mention the MANAGER called the office to check and make sure everything was good from the delivery in the morning? Everything was PERFECT. So thank you to everyone who works there, dealing with complicated office orders like our office, and for delivering right on time with a friendly delivery service. More...


Gabriella G.

19 July 2019

Stopped here on my way to the beach and man is this the cutest bagel shop I've ever been to. The bagels are thick and airy which to me is the best kind of bagel! I wish I lived closer!


Tonia B.

2 July 2019

While visiting Jersey for the weekend, my son and daughter in law stopped here for bagels.  My real 1st visit to the area, and l had no clue that bagels were a such a big thing. I was very pleased with my bagel, egg and turkey bacon sandwich. They had such a variety of bagels and other menu items. The different display of sweets was also very tempting. If in the área, l do suggest you stop by. More...


CandB J.

24 March 2019

Great regular and Gluten Free bagels! They get their GF bagels from Who's Gluten Free, which make the best GF bagels in the area!Lots of gluten free goodies from Who's as well! Worth the stop More...


Melinda T.

11 March 2019

They make awesome flagels. Super clean location. Easy parking. The very best Carrot cake around!!! Amazing bakery section with it all built on site. Looking to order my kids birthday cake there too! They are not just a traditional bagel shop. They have everything and it's all delicious. Comfy warm environment!!! It's become a regular stop I make weekly. Crumb cake is yummy too !!!The owner is always there & super friendly! More...


Maureen Gibbs

18 February 2019

Great gift basket and delivered quickly and fresh


Michael L.

10 February 2019

Hands down best new place for breakfast in town. Bagels have a nice crust with the right chewy texture. Sandwiches are generous. They don't skimp on the eggs or meat. And the crumbcakes are amazing. When you see all the local cops, firefighters, and EMTs going to this place for breakfast, you know they're doing things the right way. More...


Leanna L.

8 February 2019

Consistent, Incredible customer service, fast delivery always. Love them.


Jaiden F.

19 January 2019

This is my favorite bagel store in New Jersey. They have so many different varieties of bagels and even desert. I totally suggest the French toast bagel just eat it within the day. I will always come here for bagels. More...


Christina R.

13 January 2019

I came here for the gluten free goods and was highly satisfied! I tried the gluten free plain bagel that they have. It's slightly sweet but light, not dense inside so it gives it a pastry-like appeal. It's not baked on site actually; it is frozen and the place defrosts it and toasts it to your liking. It's a solid plain bagel. I also tried the GF everything bagel and this resembled more like the density of the real bagels and tasted great! It is made by a bagel place in Jersey city called "Whos gluten-free" and this one I truly like! It's not as salty as regular gluten free bagels and you may like it that way. I usually like a little sea salt added. It's great with plain cream cheese!I also tried the GF magic bar and it's good. I don't love dark chocolate but it works. It's like an almond joy (which is gluten free if you didn't know). Overall, I will definitely come back! For $3, I get my bagel fix on my way to work and that's great! More...


Michael M.

12 January 2019

Great bagel shop on a major highway.  Bagels are fresh and perfectly crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.  They have the basic flavors of bagels, sesame everything garlic cinnamon raisin and then cool funky ones, including my favorite bacon and egg bagel, where the bacon is chopped up and found in the actual bagel.  Their breakfast sandwiches are unbelievable and my go to is a Taylor egg and cheese on a toasted everything with salt pepper and ketchup.  Their coffee is always fresh and delicious.  Finally they accept credit cards.  The only downside is the lack of parking which did knock it down from a perfect 5 stars to 4.  Keep up the good work guys and girls. More...


Gema Schipilliti

27 December 2018

Everything is so delicious in this place. We love their bagels, omelettes, and their crumb cake. Totally recommend this place.


Jamie K.

28 November 2018

Everything bagel with cream cheese and lox is perfection! I love this place and can't wait to come back! Owner is so sweet and attentive. They bake everything on site, including pastries. Hands down best black and white cookie I've had in my life. More...


Alan C.

14 November 2018

this was the best bagel I've had in a long time.  crunchy outside soft inside.  Rivals H and H in NYC


Stacey Azzolino

11 November 2018

Best bagel place around! Bagels are amazing and crumb cake is unreal!


Jessica V.

10 November 2018

We ordered two trays of bagels and a few coffee containers for a wedding this passed weekend that were beautifully done! They added in assorted cookies and arranged it with small containers of various specialty cream cheese that were all a big hit! I also ordered a delicious bacon egg and cheese! The space is clean and neat. The staff was extremely friendly as well! While I was there I learned they have uniquely shaped bagels (such as pumpkins,) perfect for kids and special occasions at school. I look forward to ordering more from them! More...


Melissa Guglielmino

1 November 2018

The Food was DELICIOUS! The bagel I had Was so fresh and not like the bagels from the other stores in the area. This place was exactly what Paramus needed


Patrina Marie

26 October 2018

Love the novelty bagels! The pumpkin and cat are super cute. I had the bacon & egg flavored bagel with green olive cream cheese and tasted the jalapeño bagel. Delicious!!!