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Relish Cuisine specialises in find dining and bespoke catering. My me is Dan Mathews, im the head chef and owner of Relish Cuisine and have been operating for nearly 10 years, prior to RC I was the exec chef of the 5 star Fitzwilliam Hotel, St Stephens Green, Dublin.



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I don’t have a signature dish as such, I love to experiment so things change all the time. I love catering canapé parties!!!

Listen to their preferences, know what the event is for, demographics, then offer my opinion based on tried and tested experience. I never say no and my ambition is to impress. I

Being able to express my creativity. I really appreciate a client relying on me and allowing me the freedom to do what I’ve trained for years to expedite.

I enjoy dealing directly with clients which I was unable to do for the approx 20 years working in different hotel & restaurant kitchens. I have a young family and like the flexibility of working for myself.

I work hard and I am honest. Not sure what else I can say that I haven’t already.