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Wessel Kriel

6 February 2019

Goeie werk jy lewer n puik diens aan die kinders en die breer rugby gemeenskap, hou so vol ��


Nicholas Charles Jewaskiewitz

6 February 2019

Insane insane insane skill! You are blessed with a passion and a talent that i have not witnessed!! I am proud to call you my cousin. Well done and stay the savage that you are! �� More...


Dorothy Moffat

6 February 2019

What a great kid, he’s got great people skills, always makes you feel comfortable and never lacks to deliver! An over performing and hard working young man! This is a very unique photographer. Would definitely recommend him! More...


Damian Michael

6 February 2019

Great shots, good photography & amazing work. We invited him over to come and do the pictures for our year end function and it could`nt have gone any better! He`s a talented young man with a very creative mind with a great eye for photography! He`s very passionate and offers great prices! We will definitely be working with him again! More...

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