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Red River Yoga

Donaghmore Bridge


Red River Yoga

Donaghmore Bridge


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Louise Gargan

1 September 2019

Serene location, very professional experience. Highly recommended.


Alex Lhomme

31 August 2019

The teacher is just anwsome


S McNamara

31 August 2019

Absolutely amazing


Tunde Benedek

29 June 2019

Amazing place, we loved the sound bath meditation with Viktor. We will definitely be back.


Jackie .Finney

18 June 2019

Relaxing and peaceful


Magda Teticu

12 May 2019

hospitality, comfy bed,yoga sessions with Marion the host and the yoga teacher....


Antonela Bulimar

13 April 2019

If you are ever around Navan, there is this beautiful place called Swynnerton Lodge. You’ll be absolutely delighted with everything you’ll find here, from the amazing scenery, the relaxing and healing activities (yoga, meditation, sound bath etc.), to the pop-up shop where you can find interesting books, handmade jewellery, Buddha statues, salt lamps, incenses, stones and crystals, paintings, natural cosmetics and many more... Thanks to Marion Gilsenan who is looking after this amazingly relaxing and enjoyable place ❤️ More...


Alexandra Siliņa

8 April 2019

Beautiful place! Perfect for a weekend escape.


Oscar Phoenix

31 January 2019

Quite the oasis of calm and relaxation on the outskirts of Navan by the magical Boyne River, I have been enjoying the invigorating kundalini classes by Marion


Catherine O Grady

12 December 2018

Great service


Abiola Ola

8 December 2018



Amy McGrath

26 November 2018

I love the yoga classes with Marion here.


Sylvester Cullen

24 October 2018

This is a special place for relaxing with excellent therapists


Crystal Essence Lambay

5 October 2018

loved the room with wooden floors and big windows with a view of the river and the energy was so good and want to come back and am planning 2 weekends for next year 2019


Anca Lupu

20 September 2018

A very peaceful and accommodating lodge. Great views of the river, relaxing yoga sessions with Marion who is also a great host. �


John-Francis Bourke

14 July 2018

An escape from traffic, noise, deadlines, work stress and all the other minutiae.


Carol Owens

11 July 2018

The YOGA sign beckons passers by & as you turn off the main Slane Road you are transported to another world. Overhanging trees shelter you & dull the sounds of the outside world, dappled sunlight flickers through the branches and as you move further up the avenue a feeling of tranquility begins to descent upon you. Rounding the corner Swynnerton Lodge comes into view, a long, low building overlooking the beautiful river Boyne, a safe haven in a turbulent world. Whether you join a Yoga class, avail of one the therapies or attend a soundbath or meditation your time in this wonderful peaceful and tranquil place will leave you refreshed & rejuvenated. Enjoy More...


Laura Godeliauskiene

9 July 2018

Absolutely loved it


grigore florea

9 July 2018

Great place


Leanne Callahan

23 June 2018

Yoga with stunning river views. Highly recommend.


Shirley Thomas

11 May 2018

The most beautiful retreat with fabulous views...a peaceful feel and location ... highly recommend the sound bath to unwind and recharge ��


Ray O'Neill

1 May 2018

A little piece of 'Heaven On Earth'. Swynnerton Lodge has become a regular haunt for recharging my batteries. Calm Peace and Tranquillity by the beautiful River Boyne. So relaxed 'Its Almost Like Home', without the stresses and cares. More...


Haldi Sheahan

30 April 2018

Ireand is full of surprises and this is one of them. It is a place where magic happens so closely amid these realms of elemental energies, swirling waters ... my stay began gently, rocking in a suspended cane chair, until the door opened to permit exploration of the interior ... and the Lodge is peopled with alluring visions of friendly faces, mountains of scones and the tastiest bread, not to speak of unusual confections in the oven (were they wizard hats ) - so the boundaries of reality shift, and we emerge at the other side of the cocoon, with money still in our purses and feeling refreshed and nourished on every level, courtesy of our hostess Marion and her powerful intentions. Come, enjoy this oasis, make special new comrades, stimulate your awareness, change the world :) More...


CArole-Anne Crosbie

11 March 2018

So peaceful here. Really idyllic.


Deirdre Sheridan

7 January 2018

Having had 2 very powerful full moon meditations there in 2017 I'm looking forward to 2018 and all she has in store.


Carol Owens

23 December 2017

Red River Yoga is located in Swynnerton Lodge on the banks of the river Boyne.Once you turn off the main Slane Rd & drive up the tree lined avenue to Swynnerton you enter another world. A world which is amazingly tranquil and healing. I was lucky enough to have been invited there to partake in a soundbath meditation to celebrate the Winter Solstice which was facilitated by Marta. It was a fabulous evening enjoyed by all who attended. Red River Yoga provide a wide range of yoga, meditation & healing. There is also a shop there where you can purchase yoga mats, cushions, a range of crystals & aromatherapy oils, insense & salt lamps. More...


Siún Isobel

17 August 2017

has to be seen to be believed. wonderful spot.


Gemma McGowan

10 July 2017

I just love Swynnerton Lodge. I regularly attend classes there. The views, the ambiance and the wonderful classes and workshops on offer at Swynnerton lodge are second to none. I cannot recommend it enough!!!



9 July 2017

brilliant place to stay for yoga, meetings, etc. fabulous mix of being in a nature beside river, but on the edge of the Navan town @ the same time


Marjan Boers

30 June 2017

Love it, love it, love it! Such a beautiful space, friendly, fun and relaxing!


Mary Flinn

2 June 2017

The Swynnerton Lodge is amazingly peaceful and nurturing. Such a great place for yoga and all types of meditation and healing practices!


Deirdre Rose

1 June 2017

I have had the best sleeps of my life here. Come snooze in peace.