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Owen Leonard

Gavin provides great variety in your training schedule!! Really pushes you on and encourages you to keep going. Knows what he's talking about and it shows.


Shane Hassett

Excellent facilities and top class coaching. Most importantly you are provided with an education about nutrition and training. A very friendly environment!


Helen Quirke

Gavin - thanks a million for a good four weeks. I did enjoy it for the most part but there were bits I was bucked by - but you were and are very patient and supportive. The exercises were well structured and challenging (except the planks :) ).

Thanks again and I would have no hesitation in coming back for more torture opps I mean exercise. You gave every client 110% attention and dedication.



Orla Maher

Never really liked any gyms/classes until i joined Peak Health. There are so many reasons why.. Like Gavin who will push you knowing that you can do better, great nutrition and diet information, lovely gym environment and friendly people. The Best decision i ever made to losse weight and build muscle was choosing Gavin's gym Peak Health. More...


Tess Walsh

He is very good. He takes into account what you are able to do in each session and adjusts the session accordingly. Gavin pushes me to do my best at each session without going too far and demoralising me. Some trainers push too hard and I become demoralised and feel useless, so just give up. At the same time, he lets me away with nothing. The fact that Gavin is also a sports injury specialist made my doctor happy as well. Will keep going as long as I can. More...


Emer Flannery

Great people, great place, great results! I would highly recommend Peak Health to anybody who wants to get fit and have fun at the same time. Def 5� from me!


Sean O Dwyer

Gavin has done a great job of creating a friendly and informative training environment. The class are small so you can get to know everyone and feel comfortable in a gym setting and actually have fun while training. Gavin is always there to push you all the way with great advice for training and nutrition. 5 stars all around :-) More...


Lisha Barry

Absolutely loved being personally trained by Gavin. He really pushed me to my max and helped me with my technique to make sure I'm getting the most out of my work out. Definitely the best in Limerick city and I've been to all!! Soooo worth every bit of it!! Thanks a million Gavin... I'm hooked More...


Imelda Purcell

I don't normally do these long stats on FB but I jus Cudnt help myself dis time.... At d beginning of August I made a choice to lose weight and get my life bk after everything dats happened, but realised I Cudnt do it on my own.. So I joined Beefit Gym and sout d help of der very own Gavin Coleman.. Dis man is a great trainer.. So helpful and really cares about his clients.. Not many girls like to share der weight but I started off @ 16st13lbs.. And gave myself a target to lose 3st before my birthday 8th November.. 3months to lose 3st... For d 1st stage of my journey....Tout I cud Never do it, but every session wit Gavin he belived in me and den eventually I started to believe in myself Dat I cud do dis.. I loved training wit him so when he set up his boxfit classes I was one of d 1st to sign up.. He makes it fun and I love it.. So I train wit him 2days a wk, have boxfit 2days a wk and try to walk 5km every day.. I've come a long way wit Gavin's help considering dis time 2 yrs ago I cud barely walk.. And dis morn I weighed 14st 12lbs.. Only 11lbs to go to hit my target.. So TANX Gav for helpin me to get my life bk and my confidence... I feel great and life is fantastic.. x More...


Jacqui Leahy

Started peak health almost 2 months ago and absolutely love it, no other fitness programme comes close and I've tried them all 😩 Instead of dreading every class I look forward to the three hours a week. Gavin, Anna & team do such a great job, I would highly recommended it to anyone who is thinking of joining More...


Liz Deere Moore

Started what I intended to be a 6 week course. Nearly 12 weeks completed now and intend on continueing into the new year. This gym has everything you would want from a gym and more. A very friendly, social and family athmosphere with huge support both from Gavin and his crew. Have laughed so much but also learnt so much in such a short time. Gavin is so encouraging but also pushes you to be your best. Can't recommend this gym and Gavin enough. More...


Andrea O'Sullivan

Peak health has to be the best decision iv made. When I first started I was so nervous I was afraid to do some of the exercises. Gavin helped me build confidence and now I'm addicted. Absolutely love this gym. Great atmosphere. Fantastic team. Never gets boring as he changes the programme every 6weeks. Peak health has ticked every box for me. I can not wait to go back training here.Well worth it.� More...


Sally O'Neill

I started with Gavin for what I thought would be 6 weeks of trying and failing AGAIN as was the case with all of my other attempts at getting fit. Instead, I finished my first 6 weeks with a new lifestyle that I enjoyed and a new shape which I enjoyed even more!

Gavin's approach to coaching was for me - life changing! I feel better, I sleep better and I look better, what more could you ask for?

I am now approaching my THIRD 6 week course and have no intentions of stopping.. Gavin focuses on educating his clients about food and exercise which will have a lasting effect on me and my lifestyle and I'm forever grateful!

11/10 for peak health!


Maria Ní Mheachair

Peak Health is a great place... I joined to loose weight and it's the first time I've felt comfortable in a gym/fitness class setting, the groups are small, so Gavin can discuss your workout and push you when needed, for me most often more than once...you have your one to one assessments every few weeks, to see how your doing and what you have achieved, Gavin then decides, if something needs to be change or not, so I can reach my goals better...nutritional advice 24/7...amazing friendly atmosphere and a great group of people to train with 5⭐️ More...


Dorothea Fahy

Fab fab fab .. transformed my life literally .. I love it .. it's a gym with a great way of coaching in a great environment ... if you are any way curious about weight lifting or know all about weight lifting five or a go I promise you won't be Dissapointed !! I'm down 17lbs and counting and most importantly almost 6% body fat !!! It's been enjoyable ... I'm looking forward to the next 6 weeks and the one after that !!!👍💪💪💪💪💪 More...


Sarah Duffy

Peak health is definetly one of the best places to be. The family atmosphere is great who knew you could actually have a laugh in a gym � everyone supports you and pushes you to your limit. Would highly recommend. Gavin really gives every client his full attention. 5 stars from me.... see you in January back with a bang More...


Ellaine Ni Chronain

I came to Peak Health in September exhausted from going to the gym 6/7 days a week, under eating and a lot of digestive issues. Within the first week at Peak Health I felt like a completely different person... full of energy and always hungry! I've started to enjoy the gym more and feel like I can achieve results with enjoying life. The best thing of all besides the people and coaches is the food plan you are given... addicted to coco pops � More...


Ciara Liston

Joining Peak Health has been one of the best decisions I've ever made, I've gone from doing zero training to going 4 days a week and i absolutely love it. I had planned to just do the 6 weeks, im now almost finished 18 weeks and I've no intention of stopping! Gavin & Anna have been brilliant from the start, i would recommend Peak Health to everybody, complete beginners or people who have been training for a long time, there's always something new to learn! And to top it off, ive met some great people along the way so i look forward to each session! I've completely surprised myself with how much I can push myself and that's all down to Peak Health. More...


Eoin M Naughton

Get ready for a lifestyle change. My diet has been totally transformed, and I'm no means the finished article, I'm on my way there with the help of Gavin and his team.
It really is a full body workout, the group sessions are very good and everyone in the class I'm in are the nicest people you could meet. Everyone supports each other and drives you on to do better. Sometimes it can be tough but everyone in the group is in the same boat as you.
If you find yourself getting lost in a traditional gym type set up, this is for you. If you're not getting the results you want by yourself, this is for you.
I would and have done recommended Peak Health to friends and coworkers.


Fiona Madigan

I have been going now for nearly 2 years (January 2019). I started with the intention of doing just six weeks!! Well that worked out well �
This year I completed the 16 weeks transformation and I have learned so much since commencing in Peak Health.
I was never big into weight training and never liked the gym atmosphere but Peak Health is totally different.
The team and all attending Peak Health are so helpful and always encouraging and pushing you on to new goals and personal bests.
Would highly recommend �

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