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Annemarie Ferguson

8 May 2019

When you are down and out and need some tlc this is the place to go! The staff are all professional people with the clinical psychologist, Elize Beeby and Psychiatrist Kumarie Moodliar leading this amazing hospital.
This hospital clinic feels more like a home and is a safe place to be in while receiving expert counselling and therapy. These caring people have become my family and I love them all dearly...Elize and Kumarie are absolutely wonderful!!


Delene Hughes

8 May 2019

I have just returned from a 3 week stay at the clinic. I arrived being greeted with a smile from the security on duty to the nurse and then all the patients. My room was lovely and and clean and I immediately felt safe. The office staff Margaret and Tahnee welcomed me the next morning with open arms and I felt like I was part of a family. Compliments to the chef who always made lovely meals and was always so positive and friendly. The cleaning staff always gave you a welcoming smile even on days where you didn't feel to great. Then last but not least to my doctors that treated me, Elise Beeby you are the best! Dr Susan Rabe you were great! Daniel Rabinowittz and Marli who gave so many tools to take home and use in my daily life...I will forever be greatful to every single one of you for my recovery at your clinic. More...


Rachelle Duncan

8 May 2019

Amazing clinic, with amazing medical practitioners, and staff in general. Warm, friendly, comfortable, very upmarket accommodation and view etc. A place you can go back to for a cup of tea or coffee when feeling things are slipping. Highly recommendable. In fact time for me to pop in and say hello again :-) More...


Melanie Stanford-Beer

8 May 2019

From the moment i walked in i was surrounded by the most amazing people from the patients ; doctors nursed and cleaning staff. Its been a week now and i am already starting to feel like a new person .

If there is anyone out there stuck in a deep and dark hole . might be relationship issues. Depression anxiety or bipolar. I would recommend tgevtrwament to anyone. Your life will definitely change forever

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