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Orange Media is a marketing agency, design studio and print house under one roof.
We're known for great Quality, Efficiency, Focus and Inspiration
Quality - We strive on perfection yet meeting the tight deadlines each project has to offer.



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A website is your brands first image, generally most people spend less then 3 minutes on your website, however information that the client didn't know they really needed is what keeps them on your site longer then any other, ensuring your website is mobile friendly, easy to navigate and looks classy give your brand the impression is really needs to succeed and grow into the ultimate dream you've always seen it to be.

1. Whats the culture of the company and the mission statements? (thus ensure we produce quality work based on the company)
2. Where do you see your brand in the next few months or years? (Thus ensures we promote the brand and help it grow in the right direction)
3. Who and what is your market? (thus ensure we create something the suits your client exactly)

We'll sit with the client and analyze where they currently are in the industry, we'll evaluate their goals as to where they need to be and we will then forecast where the client will be by drawing up strategic roll-out plans, we then will go back to our design studio and create visuals that market the brand and send forward to the client for approval, we will then implement the plan and monitor closely the reaction of the market and draw further analysis based on month to date to see how far the client has come and the exposure that the client is getting.

1. What is the client expecting to achieve? (thus ensure we meet your requirements exactly, and give strategic professional input to guide you in the most successful way possible)
2. what time frame are you expecting to achieve this? (thus to ensure there are no delays which could impact the brand negatively)
3. When does the client want to launch the discussed strategy? (thus to ensure the design studio has a good heads up to provide stunning visuals to market your brand positively)

I love working with various brands and people and understanding them well enough to analyze and provide accurate data to make their brand more than just a brand, working with various types of people make each day worthwhile, as everyone has their own story of how they are where they are and its extremely interesting to help them achieve their ultimate dream.

Understanding that each design house you go to, they want to change the clients idea and this in turn makes the client somewhat more disappointed as its the client business and the clients dream, I started this to take what the client already has and help them make it more then what they saw it to be, I like to take the clients idea and bring it to life because thats what keeps the client ultimately happy; to see their own ideas blossom, it give the client that emotional attachment to the brand they built, unlike any other design house who takes the ideas and tweaks it till its unrecognizable.

With a good history and knowledge in the printing industry, as well as working with large local and international brand, conceptualizing marketing strategies down to roll-out plans we've taken many large brands to the next level including major retailers around South Africa, Namibia as well as Zimbabwe, not to mentions creating corporate identities for many large international brands in Australia, UK as well as USA.

The way you care and nurture your brand, theres no design house that will care for your brand like us, because we'll make your brand, more than just a brand.