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No1 SEO Ireland was established in 2014 and we have worked with clients both locally and abroad. All work is performed inhouse. This means we are happy to sign any non-disclosure agreement when the client requires one. Our clients' security is very important to us which is why when building a website we ensure that it is well protected against cyber attacks.



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To Have a great website you need a clean design that allows your visitors to easily find the answers to their questions, or promote the services or products you are selling.

I always ask the client about their main services and products. It is very important to understand which are the clients' main bread and butter and which are just a sideline,
Another important question is where they are planning on selling most of their products/services.

I love the fact that a website I have built can make a business a success. I have a client who had me build her a website as a last gasp for her business, Three years later she is turning business away.

I have always preferred to be my own boss because of the independence it allows me.

I feel that I am uniquely placed to guide the client when setting up the website. As well as being a web developer I am an experienced SEO specialist. This allows me to build a higher quality website that will rank better than most other websites built by other web design companies.
I add extra security as standard.
I add a caching plugin for improved website speed.
I also ensure to use the latest version of PHP to reduce server load and improved page speed.
Finally. I offer all clients a lesson on how to run their own Blog, update their website and make changes to their page content.