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NJ Multimedia is an Irish owned business based in Rush, North County Dublin.

We provide photo, video and web services, which include Video Editing, Video Conversion, Videotapes to DVD, Photo Editing / Photo Restoration, Photo Scanning to CD / DVD.



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Our photo editing service can help you improve the appearance of your photos, removal of objects and or people from pictures so you can add a person into a group photograph or remove a stranger from your picture etc. Features Image Enhancement Removal of objects and or people from pictures. Adding objects and or people (from two different photos). Replacement of backgrounds. http://www.njmultimedia.com/photo-editing-photo-restoration-dublin.html

We can restore and repair damaged photographs, remove blemishes, tint old black and white photos. Features Remove dust, scratches, spots, blemishes. Red-Eye removal. Repair damaged facial features. Restore fading, yellowing, or stained photos. Repair damaged / missing areas of images. Repair image from mould and water damage.

Convert your photo prints into digital format images. You’ll be able to view these images on your computer, edit them, easily create reprints of your photos, share them online or through email with family and friends, and more... Features Photos scanned to CD / DVD or other storage media. Photo Enhancement included as standard. Each photo is individually checked to ensure the highest possible quality. Scanned at 300dpi and saved as high quality JPEG files (TIFF file format & higer dpi are also available). http://www.njmultimedia.com/photo-scanning-to-cd-dvd-dublin.html

Create a photo slideshow using your digital photos and also your photo prints. Digital effects and transitions are applied to your images to further enhance the viewing of your photos. Photo slideshows can be saved to DVD or as a digital file so you can view it on various devices. Easily share your photo memories with friends and family with a wide range of export options available. Features Both digital and printed photos can be added to a slideshow Photo Enhancement included as standard Slideshows produced to DVD or digital file in various formats Custom soundtrack added. Your choice of titles and captions can be added to your slideshow. Online preview of your personalised photo slideshow before purchase. http://www.njmultimedia.com/photo-slideshow-dublin.html

Video conversion service which can convert your video to all popular formats for playback on various devices http://www.njmultimedia.com/video-conversion-dublin.html

edit your video footage from various media formats such as older analogue camcorder tapes (VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8) digial camcorder tapes (Digital8, miniDV), dvd camcorders, digital camcorders, digital files saved on memory cards or hard drives. Features Edit video footage from your camcorder tapes, dvds, digital video files. Interactive menu creation on DVD. Export to a wide range of video file formats. http://www.njmultimedia.com/video-editing-service-dublin.html

Transfer your camcorder tapes and video tapes to DVD or digital file before they are gone forever. With prices starting from €15 per tape*, there has never been a better time to start transferring your old videotapes so you can preserve your precious video memories such as weddings, birthday parties, family occasions and all your home videos from over the years. http://www.njmultimedia.com/videotapes-to-dvd-dublin.html

We discuss your website requirements with you so to get an understanding of your specific requirements and to see what option would best suit your needs whether it is a personal, blog, commercial site that you would like created. We offer custom made sites along with template based designs for when you want your site up and running as quick as possible. All site designs are mobile responsive and use the latest design frameworks. We can also advise you on domain and hosting options that are currently available. Features Custom made websites. Template based websites. Mobile Responsive websites Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engine Submission. Website Analytics. Domain and Hosting advice. http://www.njmultimedia.com/website-design-dublin.html

We can maintain your existing site and update it with any updates that you require. Website maintenance should be seen as an on going process as there is always something that can be added to help attract more visitors to your site, content is the most important factor when it comes to having a site that people want to visit, it is therefore essential for your site to have fresh up to date content. As part of the our maintenance we can address any optimisation issues that may be negatively impacting on your site performance in search results. Search Engine Optimisation is constantly changing as new search engine algorithms are being released regularly and can have a significant increase / decrease in page ranking depending on how your site is structured. Features Maintain and update current site. Initial site analysis. Identify any site issues http://www.njmultimedia.com/website-maintenance-dublin.html

The purpose of our website optimisation service is to benefit your website. To ensure that our service really makes a difference to your website we first have to understand your needs, how your existing website is currently performing and also get to know who your customers are so that your website can perform at its best in terms of search engine rankings, web traffic, conversion rates and inbound links. To ensure you are satisfied with the results, the process will be discussed with you so as to explain what we will do for you, why it needs to be done & how we will do it. Features Initial site analysis. Content analysis, target audience, services. Search Engine Friendliness Analysis. SEO optimisation of existing content. Site Map submission to major search engines Pre-optimization and post-optimization site ranking report. http://www.njmultimedia.com/website-optimisation-dublin.html