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Nialler Deehan

4 September 2017

Relaxed fun way to learn ..The Boss ..is of excellent form 5th Dan white tip times 3...very down to earth..endless patience.. I was recovering from a bad car crash when I joined..just over a year ago and now train with glee four classes a week ..in short a very good choice of trainer and dojo � More...


RJ Bhowany

4 September 2017

For my opinion fergal is a gentlemen, today it's also because of him I am able to walk without clutches, I like the way he's with all students and the way he teach us. He's very passionate and very honest guy. I'm looking forward to come back soon and I can't wait for that. More...


Lisa Lynch

3 September 2017

Fantastic trainer, couldn't ask for better!


Julie O'Donohue

21 July 2017

Fergal is fantastic. Perfect for all the family to get fit and enjoy themselves while doing so. My Son loves it, and it's hard to get him to go anywhere! �


Christine Pentony

10 July 2017

The kids were at the summer camp last week and loved it so much they even wanted to go to their class later on in the same day for more kickboxing and fun , you've a magic touch with them fergal . Thanks


Elaine Thompson

29 March 2017

My daughter has been doing kickboxing with Fergal for 4 years now, she absolutly loves it, Fergal is fantastic he really cares and listens too his students. My son started in sept and both of my kids get upset when we have to miss a class, which in my opinion speaks volumes. The self defense aspect of it, give us as parents peace of mind. I would highly recommend Fergal More...


Sorcha McQuaid

22 March 2017

I've been training with Fergal for the past 7 years (or more, possibly) and to date haven't gotten tired of routine-- that's because there isn't one. I train one on one, which would amount to well above 2000 sessions over the years and I haven't had a repeat of any class in all of that time. Fergal is passionate about Mugendo and teaching it to all of his students, from young tots to, like me, the not so young. His passion, enthusiasm, and energy spills out to his students, who never tire of his training. It's impossible to put into words the benefit I get from training as it is a holistic experience, where your body & soul benefits. I take this opportunity to wish Fergal & Mugendo Martial Arts Academy the very best of success and expansion in its new premises, which I had the pleasure to attend for my session yesterday. I love the bright space & the spectacular views it enjoys. More...


Mary Owens

21 March 2017

My son loves Mugendo kickboxing.Fergal has a great way of teaching each class is different and fun.would highly recommend


Ken Kirwan Swing

4 September 2016

I went back to kick boxing tonight officially for the first time in 11 years due to a kidney transplant op I had ten years ago. With a few modifications to training so as not to injure my transplanted organ, I thoroughly enjoyed the class The instructor / The Boss Fergal is a fantastic teacher We trained under the same professor way back when and he went on. I am very happy to be under his tutelage and the other students made me feel very welcome so thanks guys Already looking forward to my next class More...


Neil Carrick

23 March 2016

Fergal is a top class instructor who brings something different to every class his motivational skill's and knowledge is truly inspiring. Fergal is a full time Mugendo instructor with a background in personal trainning and other martial arts and in my opinion a great life coach too. So if anyone is considering joining for what ever reason your at the right club!! More...


Janette Revitup Laffan

29 September 2015

From my experience, Fergal has a lovely way with the kids and teaches them respect and self defence in a fun and positive way. The classes are a great help to my son with the little struggles he faces. More...


Cathal Ó Leathlobhair

26 February 2015

Unlike some other classes, mugendo is more one to one and you benefit more than some classes that show the instructor demonstrating something and everyone follows ! You start with the basics and develope at your own pace so its great for people of all ages, can't recommend the class enough as everyone can benefit from it ! From dancers to bodybuilders mugendo benefits everyone ! More...


Ed Cawley

6 July 2014

Top class teacher for both knowledge in martial arts and life!!