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Ilona Downes

1 June 2019

I've been seeing Fernanda for 6 weeks now, in those 6 weeks I feel like I have my life back. I went originally for anxiety and mood swings and both have reduced significantly. My sleeping pattern has also improved. Fernanda is very caring and I feel very welcome and at ease in her presence. Her approach is unique as she uses a combination of therapy such as cupping, musical therapy and acupuncture plus meditation together. I am highly satisfied in the services provided and would definitely recommend to anyone. More...


Stephen Daly

25 May 2019

I have been attending Nanda's clinic for 9 months and have had a range of treatments with her - accupuncture, cupping and sound therapy. Nanda's treatments are fantastic - she combines excellent knowledge with a very caring manner. Nanda has helped me to achieve better sleep, great physical energy and improved health in my sinuses and with my digestion. I can recommend Nanda and her treatments very highly! More...


Ana Caroline Carvalho Mateus

18 May 2019

Great environment, energy and very good professional, I walk away from the clinic changed, I think that's is the purpose, right? Thanks Nanda for make such a good job! More...


Pam Oliveira

18 May 2019

I truly recommend this acupuncture, she's amazing.


Renata Campello

18 May 2019

I truly recommend this treatment. I had a great experience.


Josilane Lopes

9 February 2019

After a strong rhinitis and sinusitis and a lot of use of nasal spray, I lost my sense of smell and consequently the taste buds. I had problems on the nerves that lead the information to the brain ,,,
I went to the doctor but I had to wait until a year to be attended with a specialist. After that, I met Nanda Betti Solano, who read about my case and talked to me about Acupuncture to try to solve the problem. I in January and February of this year, it was at zero smell and taste ... now I am better and I can feel the taste and smell of all kind of foods.
I highly recommend it because today I can eat happily! �
Depois de uma rinite e sinusite forte e muito uso de spray nasal, perdi o olfato e consequentemente o paladar. Tive problemas nos nervos que levam a informação para o cérebro,,,
Fui ao medico mas tinha que esperar até um ano para ser atendida com especialista. Foi ai que conheci a querida da Nanda Betti Solano, que leu sobre meu caso e conversou comigo sobre Acupuntura pra tentar resolver o problema. Eu em Janeiro e Fevereiro deste ano, estava no zero cheiro e paladar....agora estou melhor e eu posso sentir o cheiro e sabor de todos os tipos de comida.
Recomendo imensamente pois hoje posso comer feliz! �


Daniela Ebenau

9 February 2019

Amazing professional, always kind, pay attention in what we say and with a grand professional background.
I was trying some kind of treatment but she was the really one would help me. Not just with body issues but also with mind issues.
I always recommend her to my friends. Thank you for everything you helped me Nanda.

Ótima profissional, sempre gentil e atenciosa. Tem uma ótima bagagem profissional.
Eu estava tentando varios tipos de tratamento e a Acumputura com a Nanda foi o que realmente me ajudou. Não só na parte física mas na mental também.
Sempre a recomendo para amigos.
Obrigada por tudo nanda!


Jackeline Sabino

9 February 2019

Attentive and very receptive, Nanda helped me a lot in every session with valuable advice and directions. I admire her wisdom and energy! I highly reccomend!!


Camila São Pedro

9 February 2019

I’m really enjoying acupuncture and the diet provided is tasty and satisfying.. � thanks


Bruno Souza

9 February 2019

I went to InSaei with a big pain in the back, hoping that I could be saved.
After a session of acupuncture (my first one ever), I feel so relaxed and the back pain is almost gone.
Thanks to the great professional who treated me so well and made this first session so nice.
I'll definetly go back and do more and more.
Loved it and completely recommend it!


Mariana Cagnin

9 February 2019

The acupuncture has helped me a lot. I have arthritis and anxiety and after I started acupuncture with Nanda I'm feeling much better. In addition, she uses a variety of resources to achieve the goal you want. Nanda is super helpful, and very intelligent.
I highly reccomend.


Jordana Fuzetto

9 February 2019

Amazing professional and friend. With a chronic disease (Endometriosis), I have tried all different kinds of treatment and was postponing the Acupuncture for a while. After almost 2 years in pain I did my first session and what a surprise. The pain was controlled, migraines I used to have constantly were gone and mostly important it helped my mental health.
Now over 1 year doing it I can say that Nanda helped me go through a lot of things and I leave every session with my body and heart full of gratitude.
Endometriosis can have both social and psychological effects and the acupuncture is helping me on this battle.
Would definitely recommend to everyone. Thank you Nanda for being you !


Thiago Almeida Carvalho

9 February 2019

I'm so happy to have started to see Nanda, she has from day one listened very careful to any pain or concern I have, always choosing the best treatment for it. I highly recommend you to pay a visit to her asap. It's been a life changing for me ��� More...


Hugh Hennessy

24 October 2018

I get acupuncture of nanda regularly for stress and worry. The clinic is easy to find and she is very friendly. I would definitely recommend.

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