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Carrie H.

30 December 2016

Had a wonderful experience with Dr. Mohammed.  Got an appointment online within 30 minutes, zero wait time, received comprehensive and informative care and 3 prescriptions for my wife to help with the symptoms.  We are from the states but they didn't take insurance (not that it would have mattered). paid $50 for the appointment and $20 for the scripts which is about what my share of the cost would be at home (if not less).  Everything would have been free btw if we were from the EU. And, the doc said we can come back any time within the next 5 business days for an in person follow up at no cost.It's cash only, but there is an ATM across the street. More...


Edmund O.

9 June 2010

Your health is your wealth.  Bank it here!This tucked away private medical centre is the best I've attended in city centre.They have fantastic hours: Monday-Friday until 7pm and they have Saturday and Sunday hours too. The price is slightly under the average in city centre: 50 Euros for a weekday visit, 55 Euros for a weekend.I did not have to wait past my appointment time, which was fantastic.Dr Sunhera Zaib runs the practice and is quite educated, friendly, professional, and compassionate.  You'll pick this up when she's reviewing your records and the questions she asks.She's very thorough and ensures you receive the proper paperwork when you leave, whether it's for tax purposes or insurance reimbursements.She spent a quality amount of time reviewing my case and ensuring my complaint was well-addressed.  I did not feel rushed at all.  It was apparent, to me, that the primary concern was my well-being and satisfactory treatment.The building the clinic in is a bit tucked away and it is easy to miss the door if you are not watching the signs.  The building itself is rather manky, but once you are buzzed upstairs to the clinic itself, it is impressively clean and organised.Unlike my previous visit at Jervis Medical Centre, she collected payment at the end of the visit - which is how it should be and is custom.  She does not, however, accept credit cards. More...

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