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Mantle fitness

We offer top class facility equipped with the best functional fitness equipment . We take our clients fitness goals seriously every session , weather it is a group class or a personal session we don't do offer a lackluster experience .


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Lourens van der Merwe

11 April 2019

Great environment. Amazing people and affordable rates!

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We guide you every step of the way. from Nutrition supplement to diet plans to life coaching . We offer it all in one place

Commitment !!!

There are no short cuts , there are only principle and methods that work and those that don't . we will teach you the ones that work and Build the body of your dreams piece by piece . You just need to answer the call

Seeing everyday ordinary people achieve their fitness goals !
seeing people realize that the are much tougher that they think .
proving to people that it is achievable ,with the right guidance and methods

I dispise the way the fitness industry are selling people lies ,using clever wording and promising people long lasting results with less that par products. Big gym facility have totally ruined the meaning of fitness , all they want to do is sell you a 1 year membership and sign you into a contact that is near impossible to get out of . Your facility we want to become your partner . Because it's really not as easy as jogging on the treadmill and watching your favorite sport channel . the journey to your perfect body starts with realizing that it's going to take commitment

we are here for you ! you are the main character in the story line . we will be here every step of the way . with us you will defiantly see result ,and lasting results .


One -on-one personal training sessions

In class format , with specially design program for skill level . all classes overseen my myself

nutritional advice , dietary advice . Eating plan design . Special dietary needs