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Fiasco Brow

16 August 2019

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Carlen Stemmet

20 June 2019

Love working with this young and dynamic team. They are very much in touch with their clients' needs and brand.


Kurt Broekman

20 June 2019

Working with Catchatiger has been a pleasure, something I should have done ages ago.


Marius Skapie Weber

15 May 2019

Liesl and her team go out of their way to provide a personalized service with attention to detail and great design.


Spaced Out

16 June 2017

Kube was very helpful in collaboration with me on a rear deck design. Their knowledge of innovative materials sets them apart in the DC market.


Mersoa Woodwork and Design, LLC

18 December 2014

We have worked with KUBE Architecture on a number of projects in past 5 years and it is always a great pleasure to work with. It's not just that they have remarkable designs, but they are very knowable and professional, and they always bring a great deal of positive energy.
Looking forward to the next project.


Daniel Karr

2 December 2014

I worked with Rich from Kube for the underpinning (dig out) and complete design and build of a two bedroom/two bath in the basement of a DC townhouse. Rich provided exceptional vision and the necessary experience to turn what could have been a dreary, boring street-level apartment into an open, light-filled space that I am proud to call my home.

The project can be found here: http://www.houzz.com/projects/747111/karr-pad



23 October 2014

KUBE is a great firm, with architectural solutions that not only win awards, they are functionally efficient! I look forward to my next project with KUBE!



19 July 2013

We hired Kube for a condo stair and landing project for 3-levelcourtyard and front entrance. The architect, Janet Bloomberg has been professional, engaged, reliable, committed and enthusiatic on a challenging project.She has been particularly patient with the engineer and has stepped in when one of our managers became unavailable. She respects , welcomes, and responds to various owners' opions, including those diferent from her own so that we, the client, will be happy with the final project. Note: While design and plan are complete, project awaits regulator approval to begin actual construction. More...



11 July 2013

We have been working with Janet for 10 years and continue to rely on KUBE to bring their signature to our new renovation projects - from a raw steel-wrapped stainless steel bar to our beautiful new interlaced ipe and cement board garden wall.
Janet (slightly pre-KUBE) was one of a few architects we were to interview in 2003 for a major renovation of our 1910 Wardman row house - we clicked with Janet as soon as we started discussing ideas. She made us realize that the clean, simple, modern work we admired was within our grasp (and our budget!). Honoring our restrictions to keep the house facade intact and to retain what was possible of the interior finishes, Janet designed a new (bump up) third floor master suite with walkout roof patio and a practical but sleek basement rental apartment. The new warm modern third floor was seamlessly integrated with a clean renovation of the existing two-story house - a simple, light raw steel staircase running down the core of the house and the warmly-colored common wall grounded the modern 3rd floor in the more historical part of the house. All in all, the results were much more than we had thought possible... Throughout, Janet helped us keep to our tight budget and ensured we felt included in every detail. That last bit was important to us - we very much appreciated Janet's collaborative work style. If we had an idea, she listened and usual found a way to incorporate the thought.
Janet was more than just a designer, however. She was with us through the entire project, helping us with the bidding process and general contractor selection. Once construction began, she acted as both our advocate and a collaborator with our general contractor. Her guidance was indispensable. We've since become friends both with Janet and the lead Carpenter - a testament to the sense of teamwork on the job.
As we've said, we've continued to work with KUBE whenever we renovate - new kitchen and backyard. Though we've primarily worked with Janet, we've benefited from Richard's wonderful vision once they teamed up to start KUBE. As a team, they function as true partners - no egos, just incorporating each other’s perspectives and ideas.
We are extremely pleased we've worked with KUBE. We never would have envisioned when we started this process that we would be living in a Washingtonian Award-winning house and having an ongoing relationship with our architect. We couldn't have picked better.



3 July 2013

Janet and her team designed our dream addition to our weekend home which is now our home home. They gave us exactly what we wanted with some innovative design ideas which have made us very happy. We wanted modern, liveable, and affordable, and they delivered! Also, they are detail-oriented, which made a huge difference in the final look and feel of our home.

I highly recommend KUBE architecture for their skill, creativity, knowledge, responsiveness, caring, and professionalism.

~Linda H



3 July 2013

Seven stars; the five I gave Kube, plus Janet and Rich, architecture stars in their own right. I had my house fully redone by Kube architecture and I could not have been happier: they understood my needs and taste, they led me - with a very light touch - through the process, they saved me by my mistakes and I am now the happy owner of the most beautiful house. If you want professional advice, high level architectural expertise and a true partner, look at Kube More...



30 June 2013

We had a charming Capitol Hill townhouse office with a not very charming interior. Kube did a fantastic job of melding modern clean lines with the classic qualities of a 1900s building. They spent significant time listening to how we wanted to use the space, what qualities would make it a workable office, and how we wanted to present the office in relation to the industry that we work in. Use of innovative cove lighting and glass brought light and a sense of spaciousness to the interior. A few great splashes of color, beautiful hardwood floors built to withstand office use, and nice assignment of space all make this a friendly, comfortable, modern office. Great job. More...



29 June 2013

I highly recommend Kube and Rich Loosle - I cannot say enough good things about this firm, professional, creative, involved, hands-on personal touch - everything you would want from a design firm and then some. I have a townhouse in Georgetown, built in the late 1800s, and I wanted to upgrade and modernize my kitchen. A challenging task to say the least. Kube came up with some great ideas and worked with me and contractors all the way to completion, which, blushes aside, resulted in an award-winning kitchen. Kube took my ideas, added ideas I could not have thought of, and helped me create an ideal kitchen and entertainment area. They stayed involved in all phases of the project with daily check-ins over many months and made sure it all came together in the end. Kudos to Kube - a highly-recommended firm. More...



29 June 2013

Fabulous! smart, very nice to work with - helpful - delivering high quality work - not cheap, though. I would hire them again - They did an amazing job in our bathroom renovation. The only thing is that they don't always cut cost - so you have to keep on top of it. More...


Ron Ames

29 June 2013

Janet Bloomberg is a wonderful person, which is a big plus when you attach that quality to Kube's skill and professionalism. She provided us with timely drawings of two possibilities for our kitchen remodel. I like her receptivity to and respect of the changes that we suggest. Space is the final frontier in our kitchen, and she has helped us reclaim that with her architectural know how. I look forward to experiencing the completed project. More...



24 June 2013

Janet is fantastic to work with. All the talent none of the attitude. Very reasonable accurate pricing. The home is a joy to be in and has won several awards.
Ps Rich is a great guy as well



22 June 2013

The Kube team is everything one wants in an architectural firm: incredibly talented, innovative, thoughtful, practical, meticulous, functional, cost conscious/on budget, listens/responsive to the client, down to earth and nice. In addition, they work with a group of reasonably priced contractors and talented, exacting craftsman and other artisans.

Initially, I engaged Kube to solve a problem with my small 2nd bedroom in my loft condo in DC. The space was “marketed” as a 2nd bedroom but it is located adjacent to the main living space and had clear glass French doors opening into the living room. As it was totally impractical as a 2nd bedroom, I used it as my office space. The problem was, when I had guests, I had no place for them to sleep privately and comfortably. Even using air mattresses was a problem because one couldn’t open the French doors to leave the room when the air mattress were blown up!

Kube solved that problem by removing the French doors and installing sliders, and designed a wonderful custom built in desk/Murphy Bed unit that is modern, clean and functional.

Even though it was a relatively small project, Richard and his team treated me like it was a project costing tens of thousands of dollars. They did such a wonderful job that I am now working with his partner Janet on another project in my main living space and I couldn't be more pleased!

These architects have a rare combination of vision, exemplary design and terrific customer service. In short, they are fantastic!


Jean_Marie Mottaghi

20 June 2013

We have been working with Kube architecture on our home's gut renovation for almost a year now and could not be happier. We were looking for the best modern architect in DC and found her! Janet Bloomberg of Kube has amazing taste and a great eye for detail.

Janet took our traditional home a created a open, loft like space w/ lots of glass and an industrial feel. The use of bright pops of color give the home a fresh look.

I would highly recommend Kube to anyone looking for creative modern design. They have been a pleasure to work with and really worked with us to stay within our budget. Now we just look forward to moving in! Thanks Kube!



19 June 2013

Janet (and Richard) designed the renovation of our narrow Victorian townhouse in Washington. She asked me what I wanted and I said: I want you to make my 13.5 foot wide house 17 feet wide. And laughed because that was impossible. Janet said: I can make it look that wide.

And she did! She took at dark, cut up Victorian and transformed it into a moden, light, open, zen home that is a joy to come back to every single day. I used to hate sitting downstairs, now I love it.

Kube gutted much of the house and redid the entire downstairs to create a open plan living room, dining room, kitchen, leading out to a marvelous wooden deck at the same level which extends the feeling of a small but beautiful kitchen and whose wide wide wrap around stairs serve as seating at every party.

New bathrooms, reformatted bedrooms too and a new approach to my husband's office.

Janet took a tiny, narrow house (just 1500 sf) and made it light, open spacious and a very satisfying space. It is a modern interior that is respectful of its Victorian roots.

Highest recommendations.



19 June 2013

KUBE did a beautiful job opening up and transforming a floor (and more) in our 100 year old row house. They managed to incorporate new, airy, modern design that still respected some old elements we wanted to keep. KUBE is the best at clever, creative design, and has a wonderful sense of style that is also practical for day to day living. More...



18 June 2013

The work is superb and the working relationship, excellent! Top designers, high standards and understand that creativity and imagination don't necessarily equal top dollar. Their solutions are unique. KUBE took on a complex residential project in a historic district and transformed it into a contemporary state-of-the-art residence respectful of its architecture and neighborhood. A pleasure to work with KUBE! Houzz publication: http://www.houzz.com/projects/1245862/salt-and-pepper-house More...



18 June 2013

After only a short conversation with the architects (Janet and Rich) at Kube, it was clear that I had found the architects that I wanted to work with. Kube's ideas and modern techniques, along with their knowledge of alternative and sustainable materials made working with them extremely exciting.

Kube designed interior and exterior elements, including a custom DJ booth, a 20ft bar with concrete panels, rear patio and facade.

The facade work that Kube delivered was probably was the crown jewel of our restaurant. They were able to navigate getting our design passed through the review board at Historic Preservation in DC rather quickly, which enabled us to get our facade permits and construction started on schedule. The design consisted of a custom stainless steel panel, with a laser cutout of our logo that was backlit with LED lights. Several other modern elements such as the door design and side lights gave tied the design together.

I loved working with Kube and would recommend them to anyone. Not only did we find a great architecture firm, but we found great friends.



18 June 2013

A bedroom renovation morphed into a complete historic rowhouse renovation with a build-out. Six years later, the renovation looks wonderful; the design and workmanship have both held up well. Kube provided honest and objective guidance throughout the 8-month project ... and were especially thorough in the project management phase. They were a pleasure to work with. More...



18 June 2013

As real estate agents, we see a lot of "design" everyday, but Kube Architecture makes us do a double-take!

Kube Architecture designs and creates beautiful modern spaces to live, work, and play. Having visited a lot of Kube's finished projects, and even selling one of them (Copley), we speak from personal experience.

Janet, Rich and the rest of Kube are passionate about their work, and dedicated to making their clients' dreams a reality.

If you're looking to add or modify a room, or start your home from scratch, Kube Architecture is the firm for you. Every project is an important project for them, and it shows.



18 June 2013

We hired KUBE Architecture because we were familiar with their modern aesthetic and creativity. I have to say their design totally transformed the first floor of our house. What was once a dark, cramped space is now open and light-filled with a terrific flow. I really like their creativity with materials and color............and Rich and Janet are really a pleasure to work with. More...


Deborah Scheck

18 June 2013

We really enjoyed working with KUBE on our remodeling project. Their contemporary and clean style was a breath of fresh air in this usually traditional city.



26 May 2013

I worked with KUBE for a complete remodel of the main floor and front face of my DC row house. I interviewed several local DC architects who do modern work and felt the best chemistry with KUBE. They seemed the most willing to work with me and allow me to interject my own thoughts/ideas into the process while at the same time, using their expertise to make sure the program outcome was successful. I think the end result is amazing, and I will be using KUBE again to help me with work on the 2nd floor at some point soon. More...



13 May 2013

We wanted to create a unique contemporary space out of a traditional row house. Kube incorporated our concepts but then expanded the design to take it to a different level. We wanted to bring light into the home by using skylights and then also glass panels in the floors. As the house is only 12 feet wide, we looked for ways to not have interior walls and also to make the staircases invisible. The rowhouse was completed gutted on the inside. The exterior was maintained in keeping with historical preservation requirements. Kube captured what we had hoped to achieve in a major renovation. More...



6 May 2013

Kube Architecture designed a new rear to my 19th Century row house. You can look it up on Houzz where it was featured. We loved working with Rich and Janet and their staff. They are full of good ideas, and we got the fun, edgy, and functional space we always wanted, still respecting the bones of the old house and its quirks. Kube is responsive, creative, clever, thoughtful, and always understanding of client needs, not just design imperatives. Moreover, they are so great to work with, they really listen and care about how you live in your space. They use the best modern materials, and like to experiment. They are especially known for their handling of light and color. Modern isn't so serious or cold when Kube designs it! I can't wait to hire them again. More...

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