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I'm a freelance photographer with arts degree based in Dublin. My main photography areas are portraits, headshots, fashion/commercial besides intimate events such as office weddings, birthday parties, family and couples photos etc.
Natural light and outdoors shots are my speciality!

Heavier retouch available under requested.

Cheers! <3


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Making sure everybody around involved and comfortable It's the first step and to reach that point I try to talk to the team, models, client etc.. and make sure I have as much information as possible so we all know what to expect and what to do. It creates a more confident and relaxed environment which is then much more fun!

Whats the purpose of the photoshoot?
Which medias is It going to be published?

Love interacting with people and being able to co-create since my goal is to deliver bespoke product to each client.

Being able to build my own work routine and also being involved with different creative projects all the time.

Love delivering high quality final product and that's my aim in every project.