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Jason van Heerden, Registered Dietitian offers the following services:
• Weight management Weight loss and weight gain
• Lifestyle diseases Diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol etc.
• Sports nutrition
• Gastrointestinal disorders Irritable bowel syndrome, reflux, peptic ulcer disease, constipation etc.


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Nicola de Canha

5 June 2019

Jason is an exceptionally thorough individual, who puts a great deal of vigor into generating the way forward for the clients who seek his help. Jason goes beyond a generic implementation of health and nutrition, and truly grants a great deal of effort into individualizing his resolutions for each and every person he deals with. I have had the honour of shadowing Jason and I know that he puts his full heart into his career, and will go out of his way for the happiness and success of his clients! I truly believe that the behind the scenes is what matters most, and I know this is where Jason goes above and beyond to provide only the best advice, programs and more for his clients! More...


Nicola de Canha

4 June 2019

Jason is a phenomenal dietician, who exhibits a great deal of passion in his field. I have had the honour of shadowing Jason and have a learnt a great deal about the vigour he puts into each and every individual he sees. Jason is extremely sensitized to the needs of his clients and will go beyond his depths to ensure that their goal is met, in conjunction with them leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I believe Jason is beyond knowledgeable and to work towards a better individual, rather than a generic model. His compassion and desire to help can truly be seen behind the scenes ! More...


Blanche M Price

2 April 2019

Jason has helped me with an anti-inflammatory diet. I have chronic osteoarthritis and have undergone a hip replacement and shoulder surgery. I have now realized how important a healthy diet is. More...


Soraja Milin

7 March 2019

Great specialist and a wonderful person.


Kayla Burger

26 February 2019

Jason is absolutely amazing! Definitely give him a visit for any of your dietary issues He really is the best


Jaco Venter

18 February 2019

He is very professional and friendly. He explains everything in such a way that you wil understand. He is helpful and would walk the extra mile. I would recommend him to anyone!


Jaco Venter

7 February 2019

Very professional, friendly and helpful. Would recommend him to anyone!


Debbie Smuts

2 February 2019

Easy to talk to. Focused on the individual. Very supportive.

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