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I am a biodynamic massage therapist qualified at the Cambridge body psychotherapy centre.
Biodynamic massage has been created by Gerda Boyesen in the 70' and it works well with anyone who is experiencing stress related symptoms.This could include : anxiety,low mood,poor sleep,aches and pains,digestive problems , depression and headaches.



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I love the possibility to work with people and to help them to get in touch with their true self. I also love the integration between mind and body and the possibility to slow down and get in touch with their emotions in our very busy life.

I have been recently been made redundant and I decided to use this time to do something different and to steer my career towards something meaningful and nourishing. I started my studies a couple of years ago with the intention of creating something mine down the line. The future happened sooner than expected and here I am creating my own practice

Biodynamic massage is a wonderful tool that allows an incredible discovery journey. It also works incredible well in terms of improving sleep patterns and decreasing stress. Since it is tailor made to the client's needs anyone really can benefit. In a word that is going towards virtual relationship it also helps to reconnect with our bodies and with the others in a very gentle and nurturing way.