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My name is Greg. I am a South African Digital Designer & Developer, focusing on Graphic Design and Web Design.

I am currently working as a full time Graphic and Web
Designer for my own company ,Integrated Image technology (iiT) a small but



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1. user friendly, ease of operation.
2. Smarphone compatablity with social media interation.
3. Open Source design allowing site migration to other developers
4. Clent interaction for basic moderfications and updates.
5. Site maintenance for theme, and plugin updates
6. Developer Knowledge of subject content.

1. What do you wish to achieve?
2. What competitive site do you like the layouts and operation?
3. e-Commerce sites take a lot of work and maintenanace....allow enough budget to keep your site updated...
4. Prepare to spend some time in marketing your site through social media....and system search optimization....
5. Keep your site updated with new info at all times....

1. Taking a small company and building a marketing campaign to enhace growth and awareness....
2. Being creative with graphic design to captivate users.
3. Ability to create custom sites with client inputs.....You create your own designs>>>>
4. Ability to work my own hours....

With over 20 years of experience working for Hewlett Packard both local and international,Integrated Image technology was founded in 1990 as an IT company specializing in custom corporate hardware manufacturer and network specialist. With over 20 years of experience in systems design, installation and support the company diversified into web development over the last 8 years.
Our sites were originally developed using HTML and were primary designed for the PC applications.

Over the years the technology has changed with the introduction of tablets and cell phones as media with access to the internet. Open Source software became available allowing web sites to be custom built for all devices. This is alternate web site design and allowed developers to custom build web sites specific for a device. This however ended up with sometimes multiple sites running on multiple platforms.
The introduction of responsive design allowed developers to create one web site that automatically re sizes and customizes the site for all devices.

WordPress is open source software that allows developers to custom build sites with application plugins and themes. Over the years thousands of plugins became available allowing development in e commerce, on line shopping, event management, booking systems, on line forms, SQL database integration, SEO optimization, gallery design, page sliders, membership , audio and music integration, visual composer page layouts, posts and blogs.
This allowed developers the opportunity to build custom sites for companies from web sites to full web Apps.

Current technology allows web sites and web apps to be updated to javascript allowing them to run on all cell phones with downloads from the
Play Stores....
So from a simple web site to multi-page, social media application with data base integration, login’s and responsive design, we are available to assist you in taking your company to the next level.

We offer support and training in maintaining your new site, or upgrades and re-design of your old site.