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Ingenious Art

Douglasdale, South Africa

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Ingenious Art

Douglasdale, South Africa


Ingenious Art has passion and credence for the “Digital Arts, Marketing and Branding” and takes pride in creating Graphic Design, Web Development, UI & UX Design, E-mail Campaigns, Social Media Management, SEO and Ad Words.

We can help your imagination come to life.



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The user experience - how you navigate around the site is the most important aspect. In many organizations they think the website needs to be full of content, images and video. Get to the point - what are you trying to sell? Make it easy for the user.

Why do you want a website? What do you want your website to do? What is your product or business? Where do you see your companies profile
on-line in the next few years including social media?

The creativity, the clients satisfaction at the end of a project.
I really want the client to be happy with what they are receiving from me no matter what.
If we bump heads or the client does not like something, I do my utmost to ensure we correct the issues.

Steve Jobs and my drive to own a successful business.

I am precise, to the point and create all things wonderful. The abundance of experience I bring to the table to help the client go down the right path from the beginning. They don't get pushed from pillar to post and taken for a ride.
I love what I do and enjoy working with people to achieve something awesome with them.



The design and creation of all types of web development and design. We use HTML5 CSS, WordPress etc.

All aspects of graphic design ranging from Full Corporate Identity to poster design

To create awareness of products and businesses including the advertising online and through social media platforms with monthly management. Full SEO, Adwords, Facebook/Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn advertising and design of each element.

Creating quick 15 to 60 second videos to promote products or business on social media and online.