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Are you looking for more than just a training program? Do you want help in achieving your goal? Do you want a program specific to you that will get results? We have a number of personal training options to suit your training experience and your budget.


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Brendan Swan

Great personal training gym!!
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Paul Martin

Great place and really helpful staff!


Dave Kelly

Great gym, no unnecessary machines just all the important stuff and excellent trainers. Highly recommended!


Carol Duffy

Pilates classes are fantastic. Great for strengthening core muscles which helps back problems . Feel fantastic after an hours workout and huge improvement in my back in just 10 weeks. Highly recommend the class. Great professional and friendly instructor. More...


Carla Ward

Great little gym with lovely relaxed atmosphere! After years of never sticking to anywhere for more than 1 month I'm still here a year and a half later! I would definitely recommend!


Alistair McBride

Fantastic gym! Very knowledgeable and generous trainers in Matt and Kevin. Has all the essentials you need, is 24hr, and the people are great, very friendly and engaging when you want to, but respectful and leave you to it when you just want to focus on your routine. Couldn't recommend it more!

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