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Emily Wholey

31 May 2019

I have never been disappointed by this place, eating in or take away... the food and service are exceptional.. the peshwari naan is amazing!!


Debbie Smith

18 May 2019

Such a beautiful meal great service and wonderful staff. Thank you so much


Verona Ocallaghan

5 May 2019

Excellent food and great customer service, first time there and will be returning


L Áine Ní Shearraigh

27 March 2019

The food is mouth wateringly fantastic and the menu is different to most other Indian restaurants. The food and options taste authentic.


Simon Bedford-Smith

14 January 2019

A terrific dining experience. Wonderful fresh flavours, super quality ingredients, excellent service and value for money, we will definitely return!


Niall O'Byrne

30 November 2018

Lovely meal and really nice staff


Niall O'Byrne

30 November 2018

Lovely meal and really nice staff


Sharon V.

16 November 2013

I came here with four men after having been in the pub since 2pm. I should probably explain myself but I won't. It was my idea to come here and I got my way by stating: "We either go to Indie Spice or I'm going home."So five bowsy Irish trundled up the stairs, a perfect vision of every waiter's nightmare (and proprietor's dream). We ordered keema naan, starters, mains, wine and beer and enjoyed every morsel as we discussed problems, business and online dating.Afterwards, the waiter asked if we would like a shot. "Is it free?" we all bellowed. "Yes," he stuttered as he backed slowly away. Moments later, he presented us with five flaming sambucas. We probably left them lighting for too long because one of the lads burned his lips. One of the other lads informed the waiter. "He's fine," the waiter proclaimed as we haggled for a free drink in compensation.I'd definitely come back here. If I'm not barred. More...