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Sandra Kearney

25 May 2018

I am not only so grateful to have found the Demartini method as a platform to mould my life on, but truly blessed to have found Ilze at this stage of my life, for one on one discussions. Her approach and methods used for guiding me through a number of difficulties I have experienced, have proved invaluable to me. I am only so sorry that I have met her at this stage of my life and not a lot sooner. Truly so grateful and shall be staying close to her going forward. More...


Lillian Gray

25 May 2018

The most life changing hour of my life. Was down and out after a divorce and I needed to reframe my mind, get up and go. Ilze transformed my perspective. Worth the investment. More...


Geordie Osler

25 May 2018

Ilse is a highly skilled coach/Mentor specialising in wealth creation and personal development. She has the ability to mirror and guide you in constructive process of self understanding and evaluation in a way that helps you to understand and get the most out of yourself.


Adelle Jansen van Rensburg

25 May 2018

I'm so grateful that I found Ilze in my late 20's. Such a crucial time for me. My inside and outside world changed after my session and I'm forever deeply grateful to Ilze for empowering me, and to myself for valuing myself enough to take the step.

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