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Hemond Designs

Kempton Park, South Africa

Hemond Designs logo

Hemond Designs

Kempton Park, South Africa


Hemond Designs is a well-established company which falls under Hemond (PTY) LTD and was established in 2017 by a team of highly qualified,
skilled and determined professional individuals, to set an outstanding trend in Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, Mobile App Development and Video creation for marketing.



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We seeks to create a responsive, browser independent website to function as a key
information resource for your business. The proposed websites will use an HTML coding
platform with a clear, intuitive and easily searchable design so that members of the
community, businesses and visitors are able to maximize their enjoyment when they visit
your site.

In this phase of the web design project we gather the project requirements and detail client needs
to develop formal solutions and document all of your goals. It’s this research and discussion that
help the project process go smoothly and insure that we have all the requirements, needs and
“wish list” items identied. Hemond (PTY) LTD believes the design process is a collaboration that
fuses our creative strengths with your in-depth understanding to produce a website that will
exceed expectations.

There basic information that needs to be out there

Hemond Designs has several competitive advantages that make our business an ideal t for the
our potential clients :
1.We have creative ideas that will stand out and stick with your audience — Hemond Designs has a
unique understanding of marketing logic fueled by intuitive creative thinking. Our perspective
allows us to create ideas that resonate with your audience to make a lasting impact with your
2. You want design that communicates, not just pretty pictures — Our mission is to create materials
that inuence your audience and further your goals, not just decorate a page. We use our
understanding of strategic messaging and create a synergy with the content and graphics to
communication your message on multiple levels. The result is more than a good-looking website.
It’s an eective one.
3. You need awless timely execution that produces results — Our experience in project
management ensures that we quickly grasp the issues, sweat the details and produce a website
that exceeds your expectations and instills delight in your users.



Many businesses in today's world have there own unique Identitites. From Incridible Connections to Shoprite. Each of these businesses have a unique signature on their products or merchandise, their Trademakes appear on their packaging and advertistments. Brand Development Corporate Identity Company Profiles Logo Design Company Stationary Company Branding Graphic Design Packaging Design Banner Design Brouchure Design Business Card Design Catalogue Magazines Pamphets/Flyer Design Poster Design Personalised Invitations

Our services help businesses solve problems, reach more customers and drive growth. Is your website working hard enough for your small business? Before any of web development can being on any website, you will need to be quoted. All websites come with the option of one year hosting. All our websites are standard 5 page layout, after that we charge per page ~HTML ~JavaScript ~PHP ~MYSQL