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Danny Mongno

25 February 2019

Very peaceful setting ( I almost fell asleep last time and I was getting deep tissue work!) Gretchen is so dialed into working with athletes, I never feel like a moment of my time is wasted and I always get results. I enjoy giving indepth info on what my challenges are having her come up with an action plan. More...


Kayla Tyler

27 December 2018

I loved my massage and I would recommend Marybeth. she is very knowledgable and thorough!!


Sue Leitl

22 November 2018

I am blown away by how acupuncture has helped me physically and mentally. Dr Jarod is amazing. He is a very caring man who clearly loves helping people heal. I am so greatful that my friend referred me to Healing Elements!! More...


Amy Miller

31 October 2018

While visiting Lake Placid I made a same-day appointment with Gretchen for relief from shoulder pain that had cost me several nights’ sleep. I left pain-free and completely relaxed. More...


Stephanie Rees

7 September 2018

After years of unexplained secondary infertility I can finally share we are expecting! Thank you to Dr McCollum for working so closely with fertility treatment schedules and opening the clinic early and on days off to time everything just right and even asking me which treatment room I preferred (purple mountains)!!! I am forever grateful to DrMcCollum for helping us get to this point. I More...


Kyle Hein

11 May 2018

Over the last seven years whether it be neck, back, joints or migraines or just plain stress healing elements always makes the pain go away. Absolutely Accupuncture Awesomeness! More...


Darlene Reedman

9 May 2018

I highly recommend Dr. Jarred McCollum's acupuncture treatments for well being. I have more energy and no pain after the treatments. Jarred is very knowledgeable and a true caring professional! More...


Joanne Michon-Denault

4 May 2018

Great atmosphere, very friendly and knowledgeable.


Melissa Nurmi

10 April 2018

Excellent service!!! Highly recommend a nice full body massage from Sherri!


Tami Walker Alger

15 March 2018

After years of severe and atypical migraines, trying acupuncture with Jared 3yrs ago was a life changer. I was able to come off all preventative migraine meds and as long as I see him regularly for an “acu-tune up”, I can stay migraine free! Yes, even in Calgary and the Foothills. This clinic was a game changer for me ❤️ More...


Michael Lyons

26 January 2018

Dr. Jarod makes the whole process a self education...and very professional! Looking forward to more sessions.


Steve Tyrell

30 November 2017

Exceptionally trained massage therapist. Super recovery as a result of their excellent work!!


Glenda Nixon

25 November 2017

I now know how much acupuncture can help with health problems. I am no longer afraid of the"needles" and amazed how relaxing the whole experience can be. Thank you Jared from your favourite aunt!! More...


Deborah Kenney

14 November 2017

I was one of the fortunate recipients of the free 10 acupuncture treatments for Dr. Jared McCollum's 10th anniversary clinic milestone celebration. It was definitely a total package of healing, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for seventeen years and I found this therapy to be very beneficial for my symptoms. I experienced a long list of positive results, being; a sense of well-being and peace of mind after each session, less stress and anxiety, no more heart palpitations, less arm and shoulder pain and more arm strength, less neck and jaw pain, less pain in hands and fingers, improvement in bodily functions, more energy, better appetite, and a sense of feeling that my grieving of my late husband has lessened. It was as though I was stuck in a pattern. This clinic is an example of perfection. The compassion and caring I received from Dr. McCollum and staff was so refreshing. Seeing my health improve each visit by using the Accugraph to visually show my progress, was a wonderful tool. So if you are sitting on the fence wondering whether Acupuncture therapy is right for you, TRY IT with Healing Elements Acupuncture, I can assure you, from my experience, it would be a positive step towards your journey of healing. Thank you Dr. Jared McCollum for your wisdom, knowledge, expertise and the positive results, as I will be continuing to include acupuncture in my "Journey of Healing". Deborah Kenney is feeling blessed and grateful! More...


Ron Chambers

1 May 2017

My treatment at Healing Elements Acupuncture has given me some positive changes since attending session with Dr McCollum. He was very good to explain things as I asked questions, I have begun sleeping better, my light heartiness has come back. He explained that it would take at least six sessions to get my body in balance and he was right on. The atmosphere is very soothing and comfortable. I have and would continue to recommend Healing Elements Acupuncture to anyone who has not found the answers to thieir medical needs! More...


Laurie Stephen

29 April 2017

I had pain under my scapula for weeks and after 1 hr with Gretchen I woke up the next morning feeling so much better


Brendan M.

21 October 2016

My wife and I had a couples massage on our weekend anniversary trip to Lake Placid.  It was my first massage (believe it or not I'm 44) but my wife has a number.  They were very friendly and the room was very calming and comforting.  My wife swears it was the best massage she's ever had. I would highly recommend Healing Elements for your next massage. More...


Phyllene Michta

20 September 2016

Extremely grateful for the treatment received by Dr. McCollum. I have enjoyed being pain free and more energetic than I thought possible after several years of living in a "pain" state. Thank you Dr. McCollum for your talent without which my body would not be healing itself. Highly recommended. More...


Sharon C.

14 August 2016

Walked in without confirming my 2PM appt. Sherri was polite and professional. Loved the deep tissue massage Sherri gave. Healing hands. Strong pressure. Smooth strokes and really got into the areas that were knotted. Told me which areas were in need of more work. Checked in with me at the beginning and during the massage. Great muscle advice. Thanks Sherri! More...


Louis Iakovidis

15 July 2016

After doing a number to my back, neck and right shoulder, Jocelyn and Gretchen literally came to my rescue. After two sessions, I am almost back to full strength. Thank you ladies!


Carole Smith

19 April 2016

Had a cupping session with Gretchen today, to help with scar tissue and issues caused by favoring one side after ankle surgery. The feeling during the session was amazing to me! And the feeling after is even better! I notice a huge difference in rom at scar tissue area and looseness in surrounding areas! I can't wait to go back in two weeks! Thanks Gretchen! More...


Angela Corsini

4 April 2016

It is so nice to have a healing Physician who incorporates all elements to make you whole instead of just curing the current problem. I strongly recommend you try Healing Elements. More...


Nicole Monnin

23 March 2016

From my first appointment I knew I had found a gem. I've dealt with major debilitating pain, loss of use and traveling affects within my body due to an injury. I spent over a year on other styles of treatment and never found much relief. After that first appointment not only did I get a change in the pain but also my ability to move better. Beyond that issue I have had help with anxiety, grief, self acceptance and love and basically overall wellness. I now bring my son and husband in for regular treatment and both not only enjoy the time but look forward to it. Our hour in the office is worth so much to our lives. I joke I feel like I've done hours of meditation after a visit. I am grateful for everything they have done and continue to do for the Heath wellness and happiness for myself and my family. More...


Linda Stanton Hudson

3 February 2016

I highly recommend Gretchen!! I went in feeling tired and sore and came out feeling rested and relaxed ! Thanks Gretchen


Dulcie Marie

28 October 2015

Gretchen is probably THE best massage therapist in the area. She knows her stuff! After decades in the field, she's the one to see when you need deep tissue and to have your body 'remade' I wouldn't recommend anyone else for it!


Will Friday

21 August 2015

If you are thinking of booking an hour massage with Gretchen, go for an hour and a half or two. Totally worth it, as Gretchen will put you in such a relaxed and transformed state. I'm pretty particular about massage therapists, too many use to much pressure (even in deep tissue work) and lack finesse. Not Gretchen. The contact and levels of pressure she used were consistently perfect. Her technique is flawless. If I lived closer, I'd be a regular client. Every time I'm in town my first priority is to book two hours with Gretchen. Thanks! More...


Theresa Ann Dellavalle

6 April 2015

The atmosphere was perfect and the massage was even better. I left feeling relaxed and energized at the same time!! Thanks, Gretchen


Steve NetWisper Finlayson

26 February 2015

If you like deep massages, see Connie!! She's awesome! Been looking for someone for years that can get in deep


Jaissa F.

14 February 2015

The moment you walk in to Healing Elements you are instantly relaxed. The aromas and the ambiance inspired by natural elements immediately soothe you. Mary Beth has an amazing touch. I could feel my tissues unwinding during my 45 minute massage. An excellent way to treat yourself! More...


Rick Clements

3 October 2013

Great treatment, Super Receptionist, Fantastic Doctor, Definitely 5 Star


Tim Robinson

22 August 2013

A very relaxing atmosphere and service at its best.


Tim R.

23 July 2013

Gretchen is a true professional!  She does amazing work that is highly recommended and worth every penny!The ambiance is ideal for full relaxation.  From the entrance to the treatment rooms and both levels, Healing Elements is the full package!  Highly recommended! More...


The thing that I love most about what I do, is that I can make a profound difference in people's lives. It took me 40+ years to find my life's purpose which is to help people heal. It really feeds my soul to be able to help people heal and become unstuck.

I was looking for a change in my life knowing that there was more to life. After experiencing hypnotherapy first hand, I knew that this was an incredible way to heal holistically. Through the process of studying hypnotherapy and energy healing I discovered how incredible it felt to help others, to see them smile again was incredible. From that point, it just grew and developed into a business.

We are all constantly healing and evolving. I approach each client with empathy, having myself been through a lot of challenges. It is an honor for me to be chosen by someone to be part of their healing process.

For those looking specifically for an English, female therapist or if you don't have a preference as to your therapist gender. My therapy room is situated at my home, in a secure, safe area.