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Dioné Johnson

9 May 2019

I would recommend Frances Collett to anyone, of any age, requiring counselling. She is professional, consistent, fun for kids and just awesome. I have referred many clients who have been more than happy with their therapy! More...


Colleen Collett

9 May 2019

I have more than thirty years of teaching under my belt and have recommended Frances many, many times, wherever I have seen the need. Now, I know I'm Fran's mother-in-law, and so you will think I am biased, but I have been so proud of all the feedback I have received, both from teachers and parents. People have gone out of their way to find me and thank me for the recommendation. She has changed lives. The private school I taught at until I retired loves her reports. They are so comprehensive and clear for both teachers and parents to understand and they find her play therapy particularly effective. The warm environment of her practice and play therapy rooms, and her gentle approach, has seen her practice grow from strength to strength. So proud of you, Fran. And SO glad you're good at your job, or it would have been embarrassing! Lol! More...

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