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Ferocity MMA and Fitness centre



Ferocity MMA and Fitness centre



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Paddy Logs

4 October 2019

brilliant place would highly recommend it


Mark McClelland

3 October 2019

Top class training environment .


Shane Mac Donnchaidh

17 September 2019

Bringing quality Brazilian jiu jitsu and MMA training to the wilds of Co. Monaghan! Great place to train with a highly skilled coach.


Shane Mac Donnchaidh

14 September 2019

Great place. Great coaching and fun times!


Delwyn Monaghan

5 September 2019

Highly recommend it. The PT sessions are great and are tailored to what you are looking for, be that bigger muscles, weight loss, self defence etc. MMA sessions are always fun and informative while getting to meet other people. More...


mike marley

8 December 2018

Great place to train.friendly and professional


Ryan Daly

8 October 2018

Brilliant people brilliant place OSSS


Gerard Donnelly

8 October 2018

Great training centre for MMA and BJJ....


Ronan Proudfoot

8 October 2018

Excellent coaches, a very welcoming spot and quality, friendly training partners, definitely the top martial arts academy in the area.


Boris Lebedev

19 September 2018

BJJ we will highly recommend


Brian Birdy

16 August 2018

Great spot for BJJ, MMA, and all round health and fitness. All experience levels welcome, from pros to absolute beginners. They lads and ladies here are as sound as they come, and everyone is training to get better. Egos are left at the door. Absolutely love this place. If you’re thinking about training here, you should. More...


Sarah Louise Kerr

11 April 2018

It really is such a great fitness class every time I go it’s great work out they both are very good at what they do so if want leave feeling good and sweaty these are people �


Zorkz Aminjashed Mccaul

14 November 2017

XD this place fire whom'st try to fight them �


Katarzyna Gawłowska

24 February 2017

The best ������


Katrine Berga

24 January 2017

Amazing people and great atmosphere ... love the guys ❤️


Andrejs Laksa

19 November 2016

Great striking great ground game training's amazing atmosphere great fun really nice people helpful. It's an amazing place overall!


Seamus Brady

12 October 2016

Ferocity MMM & Brazilian Jiu Jutsu classes are the best I've attended in my 24 years of practicing martial arts. So much so I moved town to be able to train there on a regular basis. Top level instruction, team and individual building, buzzing atmosphere, everyone treated the same regardless if your a beginner or experienced, access to competitions and a good range of classes 6 days a week. Ferocity gym is everything a martial arts gym should be. Ferocity gym has everything to help all levels reach their martial arts goals. A big thumbs up. ��� More...


Mayestron King Deba

15 September 2016

Yo, it great to join y'all guys in MMA, I gotta hope one day I'm gonna join ya.... �


Marcin Wojcieszek

11 August 2016

The best :)


Martin Mcveigh

7 February 2016

Just finished first few months at gym highly recommend to anyone brilliant work out and the thing that really helps for new comers like Leona and I is the fact everyone so friendly and helpful and just recovering from the party night thanks Sebastian and Dorota roll on next one


Agnese Melke

13 January 2016

You need to try! ;)


Lorraine Smith

27 December 2015

It's honestly by far the best fitness class I've ever been to, you get such a great workout & leave everytime feeling fantastic. Such a lovely, friendly atmosphere and honestly the trainers are just brilliant & very passionate about what they do! More...


Loretta Dempsey

18 September 2015

Just finished my first week with the Ferocity team, two Rip 60 sessions and an mma class. Absolutely loved it. I would recommend everyone that wants to try something different and get fit in a positive, welcoming environment to give it a go. There are loads of great classes and something for everyone. Happy out ! More...


Ursula Mc Guinness Duffy

25 July 2015

Have come to the RIP 60 classes for the last 10 weeks.First time i have ever done this type of training ,the gym is very welcoming to all who enter no matter what your level of fitness you will be challenged to challenge yourself. Training is delivered professionally but there is still room for fun ,great bunch of people in the class too . More...


Karolina Król

12 May 2015



Emilia O'Neill

24 June 2014

If you're looking for a fun way to get your butt kicked and get yourself into good shape this is where you go! :)


Joseph Ferris Martial Arts

9 June 2014

Any vids of Michael devlin s fight pn Saturday night


Syed Zaghum Abbas

24 December 2013

Perfect.a great quality stuff we providing all over the world


Olivia Neary Rock

21 December 2013

Best coaches around love this place


Michael Cusack

18 October 2013

Uber ripped, YAW!!


Patricia Monaghan O'Neill

3 September 2013

Just give it a go! If u dont like it then dont go back. BUT U WILL!! WE ALL GO BACK!!


Sheila Monaghan

2 September 2013

Your body knows it's done a workout!! Intense training. Luv it.


Allen O Neill

16 August 2013

This is how to get fit, diversity in classes, encouragment, and friendliness all in the one place.