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23 May 2019

Just finishing up my second month of training with Excape and I am already seeing results both physically and mentally. I feel healthier and have more energy. All the sessions are tailored for you personally and exercises are explained well. There are "In Body" checks done every three to four weeks to give you a breakdown of your body composition which gives you a much better platform to help to keep you focused. The lads are also on hand to give you advice, diet plans to keep you on track and to help you to achieve your personal goals. The sessions are fun too. I am looking forward to continuing my journey with Excape and would recommend anyone who is thinking about it just go for it.... You won't regret it. More...


Jade Kenny

23 May 2019

I have been training with the lads since January now and never looked back . You get so much support and motivation from the trainers and learn something new every day . I never enjoyed working out so much until I started training here! Actually getting up and looking forward to working out is a serious bonus no gym has ever given me ! 5 stars doesn't even cut it. More...


Meadhbh de Bláca

28 April 2019

Joining EXCAPE is one of the best things that I’ve done since moving to Leixlip. I didn’t know what to expect when I first walked in the door back in October but haven’t looked back since. I initially joined for the 30 day trial but enjoyed that first month so much that I signed up for another 6 months. The guys are extremely knowledgeable and educated and are always on hand to ensure that your technique is on point. The classes are always good fun and everyone is always friendly and welcoming.Would recommend joining EXCAPE to anyone who’s thinking about it, you definitely won’t regret it More...


Dylan Slattery

26 April 2019

Excellent functional training! The guys are brilliant trainers and really push you to be your best but also make each session very enjoyable. Would highly recommend 10/10


Elaine Farrell

26 April 2019

I am a member of EXCAPE since it opened in October, I was very nervous about joining up in a new gym but from the moment I did, I was made feel very welcome and part of the EXCAPE team. The coaching in EXCAPE is out of this world and attention to detail is second to none. Everyone gets individual coaching to suit their own needs, which i feel takes a lot of pressure off the client. I love being an EXCAPE member and can recommend it to anyone that wants to achieve their own goals More...


Thomas McCann

26 April 2019

What a great facility to train in. It's fast becoming the heartbeat of the community.The lads are extremely driven and leave no stone unturned in their dedication to ensuring you get the most out of each session. The coaches are super at making sure your technique is on point for each exercise, which gives a real one-to-one feel about the group sessions!Always fun up there - Great work EXCAPE. More...


Ciara Murphy

26 April 2019

I've been training with EXCAPE for just under six months now. I was looking for someone to push my boundaries and compliment my international netball training.The classes at EXCAPE are extremely personal, it doesn't matter what your fitness level is because it is all tailored to you. The coaches have helped me step outside of my comfort zone and as a result I've achieve some big goals.You work super hard for a session but it's always done in a fun and welcoming environment. There's usually a game in the warm up and music playing through the whole session to keep energy levels up!I love training at EXCAPE, its definitely what I look forward most to in a day. More...


Linda Crowe

27 March 2019

When I was asked about my experience at EXCAPE, I thought what can I say about my experience that I haven’t said before. Well...I’ve been training with EXCAPE for 15 months now so I think that says a lot! In fact, I’ve loved it so much it’s inspired my 17yr old daughter to also join. We both train together now and do the 6am classes and we both love how we start our day. At EXCAPE nothing stays the same, things are always changing and this is part of what keeps me interested. There’s no same boring routine week in week out as it goes in 4 week blocks, so theres always something different and new each time a new block begins. I would strongly advise anyone who is thinking of a lifestyle change to sign up with EXCAPE as this is not just a weight loss program, but it’s a lifestyle change and one I don’t plan on giving up anytime soon. EXCAPE has helped me not just physically but also mentally, and I can’t think of any other way I would rather start my day. The guys are always there at the end of the phone for any questions you have and have been great support to me through some injures that I have. The support from the team is AMAZING and I want to thank them all for everything they have done for me and I look forward to continuing my journey with them for a very long time. Thank you @EXCAPE More...


Martyna Langwerska

27 March 2019

Since EXCAPE lads have commenced the wellness programme in our company, I have certainly seen a positive impact on team spirit, connections between departments, productivity and people’s attitude towards fitness. Classes are fun and challenging, trainers - very supportive and friendly. Dave really got us into working out! Enjoying every minute! :) More...


David Sterio

27 March 2019

Since joining Excape i have found the wealth of knowledge across the team of coaches here is second to none. The attention to detail which they have shown me personally in the different aspects of the program has really helped me develop across all areas of my training. One of my favourite approaches of the gym is that they are not just happy for constant repetition but they are actively trying to advance & improve your training with helpful tips and progressions. More...


Craig Dunne

6 December 2018

I can’t recommend EXCAPE enough! Their attention to detail & knowledge is brilliant. They really care about your goals/fitness & are constantly helping you improve. If you are looking to get in shape & be healthy, the guys in EXCAPE are who you need to be with! More...


declan kearns

4 December 2018

I have been training with Excape 6 months now, I have been to numerous set ups over the years & would put this at the top, the trainers are very enthusiastic about what they do & are very committed to helping each person achieve their goals


Joy Grehan

29 November 2018

Have been training in excape leixlip since it opened 7 weeks. Already feeling the benefits. As an older member it can be daunting joining a gym but not this place. Friendly atmosphere very inclusive. Staff are highly qualified and always interested in your progress. I would recommend this place to any age and any fitness level. More...


football boy liamo Daly

28 November 2018

Have been training at excape for nearly a year and it’s a fantastic place to train.

The team at excape really know everything and more about fitness and nutrition. No quick fixes, the emphasis is all about educating each member and they do it so well.

I wouldn’t think twice about recommending excape, try it and you definitely won’t regret it