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With more than 10 years in the industry, EACPhotoSA has built up
a large client base that includes companies such as The Hilton, Liberty, Tetrapak,
Pecanwood, EThekwini, Models Int., Glamour Models,
CESA, Ubereats, Allybrown, various educational institutes and



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Light. Photography is capturing light.
Emotion. Tell a story with your photo.

Tel me about the product/person/house/food that you want to have photographed? Listen to their passion to understand the "product"
How do you picture this in your mind being photographed? Understand the brief

Everything! I could never do something else. This is for me a passion. It's about giving the customer their maternity photos and seeing their expression, happiness, their joy. It's not about fame, but about the "just knowing" that is my work. Picking up a magazine and seeing your photo in print on the cover, walking in the mall and their through the shop window are your photos advertising that range. It is about sitting in a restaurant and opening the menu to all your photos displaying the food. I could go on and on and on.. It comes down to passion.

"See a need, fill a need" Or something like that, taken from the movie Robots.

I am rather going to put it this way. When choosing a photographer. Look at their body of work. Not only their portfolio but Google them as well. Look at their consistency, growth and style. If that is the style you like and hopefully that is me, choose them.