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Brittany De Mendonca

ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED WITH DONNA'S WORKOUTS!! Awesome place to get fit and have fun while doing it!!


Stephan Bauer

Awesome spinning sessions!!! Motivating and friendly!


Jaclyn Bornman

The best gyming experience. Professional services, continuous encouragement and guaranteed results.


Cassandra Berge

Best way to end off a Monday ...
Absolutely love it���


Chiané Slater

Awesome and fun !! Definitely the place to be !


Jackie Coetzee



Chanicqué Fourie Foster

Best results. Best trainers. Action packed every time. Love love love.


Maryke Butler

All I can say is WOW!! Excellent instructors who cares about every individial, always helpful! You see great results and we all are one big healthy family!


Deirdre Bornman Bauer

So professional and motivating. Members of Donnas Health and Fitness are very supportive and encouraging. A stunning way to have fun and better yourself at the same time. Going to definately try some of their new yogalates classes soon as well. More...


Charmaine de Nysschen

There is no time for sugar coating anything in this age of expecting value for money. Donna's Health and Fitness is hard and enjoyable as expected of high quality training and superb staff. Here you can expect to get value for money and just as much support as you need to reach your goals. While being motivated at the speed of lightning and the support of others around you there is no way of failing.Something to be proud of instructors you earned all the praise and trust. More...


Greta June Ogborne

I love excersing at Donnas Fitness! The instructors are great and good at what they do as well as motivating and supportive. I get to work out with awesome people and always feel good when I walk out of the studio. To the whole crew at Donnas Fitness...keep up the good work! More...


Tracey De Canha

If you're looking for a place to get fit, loose weight, tone and have fun...then Donnas is definitely the place. I absolutely love going there..it's part of my daily routine. My results are absolutely amazing!!!!! Donna as made exercising my hobbie. Try it.....it's the best work out you will ever get!!!!! More...


Melissa Breedt

Donna's Health and Fitness is the best place to get in shape and have loads of fun while burning fat. Excellent trainers and you feel like part of a family. Always a great workout and classes change regularly so that your body doesn't get used to the exercises. I'm always motivated to go to class and enjoy every class even though it is tough!! More...


Mari Strauss

This is the place to be!!! I cannot express in words how great Donna's Health and fitness are, but will give it a try. This is the place with the most variety of exercises i have ever experience. Kickboxing is my favorite as i get a maximum workout there and the classes are never the same so you won't get bored you will only see results. The newest exercise activity is the Rebounce which is awesome! It is soooooo much fun. Don't get me wrong, Donna's Health and Fitness is super fun but also really extreme in exercise (not for sissies) and you must work very hard and be dedicated to see the most results. This is my 3rd year there and i am still going strong, not planning on changing my classes EVER!!! More...


Gregory Groothedde

I literally love this place!! Donnas has become a place where people go to get rid of stress, get healthy and meet new people. Not only does Donnas extreme knowledge of exercise science and healthy living impress me but also the way in which she dedicates herself to her clients by keeping them motivated, making sure technique is always followed perfectly and making sure her classes are always fresh and innovative. Donna has an extreme sense of loyalty and her moral compass always points true. She amazes me everyday.....and that's why I married her!!! So proud to be part of this healthy community and so proud of her and her team at Donnas Health and Fitness. More...


Marlize Maytom Venter

Anyone can be part of a fitness team or a gym... once it gets tough and you dont feel like it anymore...once you lost your motivation and given up ... this is where family steps up..and this is when Donna and her awesome team stepped up.... motivating me week after week... encouraging me to go beyond my limits.. if I look back on the last few months.. this was the best decision I made in terms of my health and Fitness ... i just love you guys... thanks for making me part of the Donnas health and fitness family!! Donna, you and the team deserve a 10 out of 5 More...

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