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Digital Publications offers the following services.

(1) Mobile application development.
- Development is primarily focused on Apple and Android, but we can complete Windows applications when required.
- We produce both Native and Hybrid mobile solutions.



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We generally follow this 10 step process when starting a new project;
(1) ID business goals and key
(2) Are their any existing pain points?
(3) What is the user/customer journey?
(4) What tech stack and infrastructure is required?
(5) Develop wire-frames & mood-boards
(6) Develop hi fidelity wire-frames
(7) Begin the software coding and infrastructure development
(8) Testing
(9) Software release
(10) Post implementation support

There are two things that we need from the client in order to start working on their project
(1) an explanation of their project and what they want to achieve
(2) rough sketches of what they envisage their solution will look like (doodles on scrap paper are absolutely fine!)

Meeting business owners who are inspired by their business

Digital Publications is the second business that I've owned.
I started my first business somewhat naively when I thought I spotted a gap in the market. It turned out not to be as profitable a gap as I thought, but I enjoyed the challenge of running my own business, so pivoted into something (software development) that is even more enjoyable (and profitable) than my first attempt.

At Digital Publications we've helped many entrepreneurs and business owners start on their software development journey. We've seen businesses that grow and prosper and those that fail. We've got a good sense of the challenges that can be encountered when developing new software and more importantly how successful software implementations can make businesses soar to new levels.