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Emmanuel Kanku

30 July 2019

Where Mexican cuisine comes alive . Nice food and good service


Bryan Swanson

24 July 2019

The best mex in town! Great flavours and options for all to enjoy! The burrito's are great, and the enchilada's are just to die for! Treat yourself !


Imran Lorgat

30 June 2019

Great place. Pricy but worth it. Really amazing flavours and really fresh ingredients. Chilli poppers and quesedillas are the standouts. Try the chipotle sauce they sell in store. More...


Patrick Patchi

30 June 2019



Esme van Deventer

13 February 2019

DI-licious. (See what I did there?!) Didis is amazing. I'm a bit of a mexican snob and to be honest their burritos are mexiCAN! super impressed their wednesday special is even better. Will be going back for taco Tuesdays!

Ps. If you're a fan of habaneros ask for extra "hotter than hell" ;)


Jack Strooi

7 February 2019

Best goddamn Burrito in Town. And they're not even Mexican.


Bob McGinty

7 February 2019

Great Scott! Do not eat the red chilli in mouthfuls unless you have your own milk handy. Send more this way :)


Niel Greeff

7 February 2019

Bought some burritos from them at EGE,They were soooooooo good could of had a little more meat for the price but overall very worth

Saw them again today at the food truck festival.I have to say it was WAY better than last time and last time was pretty damn good.Was promised more meat and got just that it was really really good.I'd recommend them for any events.

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