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Margie Carr

29 August 2018

What a great experience as someone awkward in front of cameras, to be photographed by someone as professional as Derek! Not only did he have his eyes firmly on the details in the shot, he was also able to direct me for best results!


Craig Botha

30 July 2018

It is not often you find someone who is will to help and share. I got amazing knowledge and help from Derek.


Grethe Rosseaux

30 June 2018

Derek is an absolute champ - as a person, mentor and photographer. He's one of the few businesses coaches in photography with his fingers so closely on the pulse of the industry, which makes his marketing sessions absolutely invaluable to any photographer. I've worked with him both as a client and as a partner on a shoot and I cannot recommend him enough for either photographic or business coaching! More...


Desiré Van Zyl

30 June 2018

Derek's YouTube channel has tips on for photography that is very helpful. He is also a very nice guy that is very helpful and motivational. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.


Venita Burger

30 June 2018

If you are looking for an awesome photographer then look no further than Derek!

He is brilliant and hilarious from start to finish. Efficient, professional, friendly and, most importantly, takes amazing photos. More...


Marco Gresele

30 June 2018

Fantastic service as always from Derek & Team. Thank you for your patience and professionalism!


Michael Slabbert

26 May 2018

Spectacular Photographer.


Peter Driessel Photography

26 May 2018

Derek is such a knowledgeable and personable photographer, I would highly recommend using him.


Richard Wicht

26 May 2018

Derek is an amazing photographer. As a peer it has been a honour to work with him. Not only are his shots amazing, but the way he deals with his clients and peers is beyond reproach. I look forward to working with him again. More...


Rozi Birk

26 May 2018

Top notch, international quality. Such professionalism and outstanding work. Highly recommend :)