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Creative X is an award-winning full-service digital marketing agency. We offer businesses innovative solutions that deliver the right type of audience to you in the most effective strategies as possible. At Creative X Ireland, we've become experts at nano-targeting our digital marketing efforts to deliver results to our clients that are unsurpassed and unparalleled.


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Juan Carlos

20 March 2019

" I will continue to use professional services of Creative X, quite happy"


William Harvey

2 March 2019

I am convinced that team of creativex is one of the best available in European market. They build a messenger ChatBot for me oh boy my open rate have increased from 25% to 77%. I am so excited with the idea of lead generation bot. Highly recommended. More...


AS Himel

28 February 2019

Just awesome service. 100% satisfaction grunteed! Highly recommend for everyone


Robert Smith

27 February 2019

I am glad that I shifted my marketing strategy from email marketing to Facebook Messenger ChatBot. I would recommend Creative x fir ChatBot design and development. Stay ahead of the game


Bahu Bhali

17 February 2019

Experienced agency in SEO, PPC and social media marketing...


Amelia Evelyn

8 February 2019

Digital Marketing agency, experience staff in social media marketing.

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I am passionate about Social Media Marketing and optimization for new startups. I love to help and optimize their Social Media pages for better engagements.

I have been in my own business in Ireland for 10+ years. I love to explore new opportunities.

I have the expertise plus experience to Manage Social Media Channels for Small t Medium size companies. I specialize in AI Facebook Messenger Chatbots, which will replace E-Mail Marketing in 2021.



I can help your company/brand with: Facebook Pages. (Setup and maintenance) Adv Optimisations. Videos and Product Photography for your company/brand. New Leads and Followers. Creation of content for FB page on a daily/weekly basis.

I can help your company/brand with. Instagram page setup and optimization. Adv and lead generation. Daily/Weekly postings of your pictures & Videos. Creation of Content for marketing.

I can help your company/brand with. 1. UX/UI design. 2. Optimize your website for SEO. 3. New Content on a Weekly Basis. 4. Integration of AI Chatbots for FAQ's 4. Shopify store for your products.

Design and Develop Facebook Messenger AI Chatbot for your Facebook Page. 1. Deliver message via Facebook to your customers. 2. Answers FAQ via Messenger. 3. Promote your products and services via Facebook Messenger and retarget them via email marketing. 4. Integration with Shopify storefront.