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Melissa Boshoff

Best decision I ever made. I got a lot more out of it then I thought I would :)


Malissa Van Eden

Awesome place,awesome team! HAD THE BEST DAY EVER!


Paul Richter

What an awesome experience! So the journey begins. See everyone tomorrow.


Maryke Brown

Awesome and good people teaching our kids... kids loves it!!


Anél Prinsloo

Great self-defense seminar this morning! Interesting stuff, learned a lot and had a great workout!


Jaco Luddick

Was there last night to check it out. Lekker training and a good atmosphere. Thank you. We loved it. Thumbs up and two new members.


Ivan Jones

Awesome session today. Learned so much and what an amazing team to train with ����


Terrick Naude

Outstanding gym. Amazing coaches who have build a fantastic positive environment.


Pat De Oliveira-Barnard

Best decision ever to join this place! Love the atmosphere and the group I am with! Thanks Coach Brian!


Sean McLeod

Loving this gym... So far it's been great for soul, mind and the body is coming along �


Jacques Viljoen

Awsome place to learn, friendly people and if you want to get fit and learn how to defend yourself pop in.More than one principal that you can learn So give them a call and check it out for yourself.


Tristan Scott

Bjj in this country is growing leaps and bounds, yet still has quite a way to go. The majority of dropouts in this sport are at white belt level. It's a tough sport that requires far more mental than physical aptitude. And yet with all the schools I've been to, they lack how to teach a white belt and keep them in class. From my short time with this school, if you want training where you are sick of going to class as a beginner and learning one advanced technique for a few minutes, trying it out one or two times and then rolling for an hour at 100% and tapping every 5 seconds, then this is for you. Crazy monkey somehow manages to balance technique with sparring in a way that you, as a beginner will actually learn, you won't have a bunch of meatheads trying to rip your arms off every second (which I have experienced far too often), but a relaxed atmosphere and small classes where you receive quality instruction and techniques and a proper foundation to work off melded perfectly with free sparring where no one gets injured and you learn at accelerated rate. Just typing that made me sound like I'm being paid by a Mcdojo.. This isn't. BJJ is the most amazing martial art of all time, and this is the best school I have come across by far! More...

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