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Connected... by Brent Black

Umhlanga, KwaZulu Natal


Connected... by Brent Black

Umhlanga, KwaZulu Natal


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Gregory M. Key

24 January 2018

I have been receiving outstanding, compassionate and intelligent support from my counsellor from day one. Eye-opening, life-changing, life-saving and one of the best decisions I have made for my future


Darleen T. Mendoza

22 January 2018

I'm a 27 year old and I started seeing Brent for a variety of reasons. I suffered from self-confidence / self-esteem issues, anxiety, lack of focus and depression. In just 2 months (one session a week) he has helped me revitalize my life. I was skeptical at first, I thought to myself how can just talking to someone help me figure out what path I want to go down? or help me out of anxiety?... I couldn't have been more wrong. He is very very good at what he does. Straight talking, doesn't beat around the bush or sugar coat anything and its exactly what I needed. During the time I was seeing him, I started doing an online course in english language teaching as a foreign language and I'm convinced I passed because he helped me believe in myself. I feel more confident in my own abilities to get things done than I have ever before. A life changing 2 months. If you're skeptical, don't be. He is worth every single cent. After all what price can you put on your health / mental health. More...


Amanda A. Reiff

20 January 2018

I’m not even going to bother writing a review on what Brent is like as a counsellor. A Google search for anything related to any type of counselling will tell you that he’s the best. I saw him twice a week for two months, and he helped shape me into a stronger, more confident person that I ever imagined I could be. I’m not going to go into my personal details on here, but I feel like I need to leave a review to just make it known that yes, Brent is a counsellor, but he’s so much more than that. I have no idea what it is about him, and I’ve spent months trying to figure it out, but he just has certain ways in which he connects with and draws people in. He’s charismatic, intelligent, insightful, experienced and so easy to talk to. I couldn’t wait for the days that I saw him for counselling. He is hilarious, and his sessions are full of life and enthusiasm and passion. Not in the unprofessional sense, but in the sense that he made me want to be there. He made me want to work on myself and he made me enjoy the journey of self discovery. More...


Richard A. Janousek

19 January 2018

I destroyed my life with drugs and alcohol. I lost my job, my family, my friends, everything. I basically had nothing left to live for, and no reason to get clean. I was so close to just giving up on myself and what little of my life I had left. I was shopping at Cascades and I saw an ad for an addiction counsellor and some part of me saw this as a sign from the universe, and I decided to make the phonecall. I connected with Brent straight away. He’s the most understanding, accepting and genuine person I have ever come across. Cut a long story short, I started seeing him three times a week and still do, and I’m now sober for the first time in nearly 20 years. His experience and insight when it comes to addiction is just insane. As an addiction counsellor, Brent doesn’t hold back when i comes to his own experiences. And it blows my mind how someone can have lived the life of an addict, but yet moved on, maintained it, and used this to help others. Brent doesn’t preach or make promisses of a perfect life in recovery, he’s honest, knows what he’s talking about and is the kind of person that you meet and are instantly drawn to. More...


James H. Fauver

17 January 2018

Brent is compassionate, knowledgeable and is able to connect with not only me but every single one of his patients in a way that makes them feel understood, valued and empowered. He really helped me through a difficult period of severe anxiety, stress and depression. I had completely lost touch with who I was before I started seeing Brent and he helped me to really understand and process what I was going through. A session with Brent is like no other therapy session I’ve ever had. He really, really listen. He connected with me and he had complete faith in my ability to develop self-awareness with his guidance, not his instruction. Our sessions changed my life and Brent’s charisma, empathetic nature and ability to read and understand me in the way that he did is remarkable. Counselling comes so naturally to Brent: forget those awkward silences, worrying about what you to say or the judgement you so often feel when seeing psychologists. Brent is so different: I couldn’t wait for our sessions, and despite not seeing him weekly like I used to, I know that he would pick up the phone day or night if I needed to call him to talk about anything at all More...