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Clean Safe Sustainable Futures (Pty) Ltd (CSSF) hinges on environmental sustainability and we specialise in landscaping, cleaning, gardening, property and estate management, handyman, electricians and construction

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5 October 2019

CSSF provide great personalized service. They respond readily to all my gardening needs and are really passionate about the environment. Keep up the good work.

2 October 2019

This company is best company..

24 September 2019

They provides the best cleaning services in South Africa. Once upon i called him to clean my house and they guys comes within a hour and provide us the cleaning services.

24 September 2019

Company provides the best commercial cleaning Services.

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We have been in business for a little over a year.

Yes. We bring our own eco-friendly cleaning supplies and our equipment

As a safety, health, environmental and hygiene professional, it is the large spectrum of influence I have by practicing good housekeeping environmental, health and safety practices to a wide range of clients. I manage to rub some of these practices to my clients and by so doing I feel a lot can be achieved in terms of safety, health and environmental awareness

It was the need to do the right thing in terms of social and environmental justice. I at times feel like there is a certain way employees should be treated and a certain way hygiene has to be practiced and being a good environmental custodian. As such our company is looking at changing some of the practices that are not social, economically and environmental sustainable. As someone with extensive experience supervising and training cleaners, confining myself to one company have seized to be an option. I would like to take the experience to your doorstep.

We are the only company that is in business to make a difference to our employees, our clients and our environment. We are honing towards sustainability. We care, in a bigger picture-I am talking global. We do not only care of your immediate surrounding but your planet as well. We looking for clients with such minds to partner with and make a difference