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Claire Buchanan Coaching Services

Cape Town, South Africa

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Claire Buchanan Coaching Services

Cape Town, South Africa


I offer one on one life coaching and business coaching both in person and online. You will learn to identify patterns, increase self-awareness and build resilience. All this to live a happier, healthier more-fulfilled existence. Coaching affords you possibility and gives you the confidence to move forward.



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My passion is building awareness, facilitating learning and enabling change by offering my clients a fresh perspective. I believe it is huge a privilege to witness change in another person. You are the expert on your life, work and business. It is through a process of powerful questions and active listening that you will arrive at the answers.

My journey of self-discovery has brought me to coaching. Dissatisfied with how my life looked and how I felt about it I re-trained to become an Integral Coach leaving behind my career in marketing and publishing to live happier and healthier. I believe we all do our best with the resources available to us. Coaching has brought about changes within me and for me and I believe it is my work to have impact on others.

Here's what clients say about working with me:

“My parents gifted me with coaching sessions for my 25th birthday and it may be one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. Claire helped me realise I already had so many of the answers to questions that had been in my head. At the start of my coaching journey I felt as if I had very little direction or idea of what I wanted it to be, especially at work. Claire helped me make a huge transition and shift in my career to get the promotion I both wanted and needed. I can’t believe how much I grew and how much more confident I’ve become in the decisions I make. I could not recommend coaching or Claire strongly enough – it’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself!” Lauren – Retail Category Controller

“Claire provided me with a safe space to gain perspective; a space to be heard and to learn new things about myself. I regained confidence in my thought process and decision-making. It can be so powerful when you stop second-guessing everything you do and believe “this is good”. Coaching prompted a mind shift and taught me a lesson in patience, in a way that made sense to me in my situation” Carolyn – Marketing Coordinator

“I found Claire online. She opened a new door towards the issues I had. She taught me how to focus on positive things around me which I had ignored before. I learned to be grateful and try to enjoy my life. She could give me the instructions while I’m not a native English speaker. I do appreciate her help.” Mohsen – Electrical Engineer

“Claire is objective in her approach and creates a comfortable environment. She asked the difficult questions and brought my awareness to actively work on relationships in the business, especially those relationships that were not strong. I am now able to do this in a more natural way.” Liza – Industrial Engineer

“Claire is very professional and has a personal relaxed manner that allows me to talk freely and openly. She steers the direction of the conversation without me realising thus ensuring our time together is productive and we cover all the topics set out from the start.” Vanessa – Entrepreneur

“Claire’s coaching helped me move from a place of creative and personal burnout and feeling stuck to a position of freedom and healing – running my own business and living life to the full.” Jean – Art Director