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Individual Therapy, Couples/Relationship/Marital Therapy, Pre-marital Counselling, Family Counselling and specialized Courses (such as Anger Management).

We provide a warm, safe and non-judgmental environment, in which teenagers, adults and couples are able to gain assistance in dealing with the difficulties in life that they face.


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11 July 2019

Professional, logical and effective. Cheryl is passionate about her work and it was truly so wonderful to have seen her. I would highly recommend her to anyone I know going through a similar situation. Thank you Cheryl. More...

That is so kind of you Lauren and deeply appreciated, it is clients like you that make it so incredibly worthwhile!


One of the best rewards is when I see that AHA moment occur, when suddenly someone is able to overcome what was holding them back. Another aspect I truly love is watching people grow and change, as they find their way to a much happier and fulfilled life. The smile on their face is a gift, which you hope to receive.

Two factors led me to opening a practice which I felt could be of value. The first one was that I came across so many wonderful people when I did research and volunteer work that just could not afford medical aid, or pay cash at every session, who could not find help that was financially accessible. I wanted to provide a service that could meet this requirement, - clients can pay monthly and do the number of sessions they can afford to do, in a particular month. The second factor that influenced me was that often people do not have time to go to therapy for long periods of time. Providing them with therapy in conjunction with tools and skills that they could apply themselves for the rest of their lives would ensure their short term resolution of difficulties with an ongoing ability to maintain their mental health.

Different forms of therapy and styles of therapists suit different types of clients. My therapy style is authentic and warm, allowing people to feel secure, comfortable and at ease. I apply different types of therapy dependent on the client and what will work best for them. The main types of therapies utilised are Cognitive therapies which tend to be very practical and highly effective.