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Stefan Marais

Everything is just easy with them, amazing quality !


Daniel Rademeyer

Professional, and some of the best people to work with!


Hannah Thandiwe Bussio

Absolutely fantastic! Chris is amazing, most of the time you forget that he's even holding a camera. I can't wait to see our photos.


Michan-Marié Pretorius

Talented and creative! I have worked with The Fig Photography on many occasions- weddings, couple shoots, photoshoots. I appreciate their professional yet comfortable approach to photography. I love how they capture details and the atmosphere so intensely! � More...


Shannon Oosthuizen

I really love the way Chris makes you feel comfortable in your own skin! He’s very professional & so easy going! Keep on keeping on with the God given talent � loved our photo shoot the other day!


Lunardi Engelbrecht

When you schedule a shoot with The Fig Photography, be prepared for an incredible exciting and fun experience! The quality of their work is top range & very professional, whilst making you feel comfortable and confident at the same time. Thank you so much for a very special experience! More...

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