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Canvas Graphics is a Proudly South African company that is 100% black owned. We specialise in corporate branding and digital marketing in the Gauteng Province. Our business motto reads "If you can se_e it, we can to_o" which is our promise to you that your vision will come alive through us.


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Lawrence Mphepo

28 July 2019

I have had a great experience with Canvas Graphics. No complaints I'd reccomend it to anyone.


14 July 2019

I highly recommend Canvas Graphics.
Hloni was incredibly quick to call me back after I posted a logo design project on bark.com

I received a call within just minutes after posting my request.
Hloni was friendly and professional in his response to my logo request. After speaking to him and seeing his work online I realised he had so much more to offer such as web design, posters, album art, digital and print applications and video editing. His work is of a high standard and radiates professionalism.

I highly recommend his services!

Thank you so much Nicolas, chatting to you is always a pleasure.



13 July 2019

😏At first...

I was a little scared of doing business with yet another graphic designer who wouldn't deliever on what they had promised. However, when I started talking to Rapture (CG) about his company, how it worked and if they really deliver on top quality graphics like the ones uploaded on the website. Ofcos his answer was a big "yesss" but I liked the manner in which he answered my questions and assured me that all his clients have experienced good service and the best quality with CG.

I then decided to trust CG...

Upon receiving drafts of my logo and promotional posters, I knew I have found my own graphic designer. All I wanted was reflected in the work and trust that the quality was theee bestπŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ˜! Now, I'm even thinking of having my designs on clothing...😝😝 and I'm glad CG can help with that too.

Buddy, more business is coming your way from meβ­πŸ‘ŒπŸ½. Thank you.

Thumbs up πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ on excellent customer service and quality.

πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒπŸ½Highly Recommended.


Wow, I didn't realize that your history with designers was so deep, lol, thank you for trusting Canvas Graphics to redeem us. Working with you has been an incredible experience, I look forward to our future ventures and thank you once again for the opportunity to do business with you. ????????


Itumeleng Motau

13 July 2019

Working with Canvas Graphics was a great experience, they were really at great service, they helped me a lot with my designs and I'm still to work with them in future.

Thank you so much for your review and the opportunity to do business with you ????????. We're looking forward to helping you make an impression in the clothing space. ????????


Thami Mathebula

1 June 2019

I'm a big fan of the work ethic Lehlohonolo Tsubele of Canvas Graphics possess. His commitment to satisfying his customers is remarkable and the final product always proves this. I would recommend anyone that may even have the least of seeds to invest in their dreams to consider Canvas Graphics. More...


Lonwabo Maboa

25 May 2019

I love the creativity and customer service!!... Keep up the good work Canvas Graphics...


Sakhile Mogale

25 May 2019

I had an amazing experience with Canvas Graphics. They created a beautiful logo for my company that truly represents the essence of what I wanted. Very creative and great attention to detail. More...


Tumeyo Chipungu

25 May 2019

Canvas graphics is a great company with great service delivery. The timely efficiency is what I like most. Time was saved and the service was great.


Buang Mokate

25 May 2019

Your ability to understand my vision and execute it, was extremely impressive. Thank you CG for the amazing logo!!


gen 4

25 May 2019

This guy oozes talent! It's so refreshing to meet a designer who understands what we need and gets it right every time. You can't go wrong with Canvas Graphics.


Toni Henning

25 May 2019

Awesome work, thank you Canvas Graphics. Highly recommended.

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There's a relatively large range of components or aspects to consider in building a good website. The most critical ones I've found encompass the majority of sub-aspects include:

It's important to make sure that your website can be viewed on any device without loosing functionality (responsive design). It's also worth highlighting that there should be a flow of information when the user lands on your site and browses.

User friendliness:
Your website shouldn't be an obstacle course to navigate. Users must be able to achieve their objectives fluently.

The language used on a website is important because that is one of the 1st ways to make a direct connection with potential buys. For instance, if you're a food store/ restaurant in South Africa, you can use lingo like "local is lekker" and the audience will understand, but imagine if you were a food store in USA using that lingo, they won't be able to relate.

Setting up Search Engine Optimization for your site can make the difference between getting 6 clients a week or 4 clients a year. It ensures that your website develops a reputable digital footprint and can generate you new business leads when done correctly.

The questions I ask will depend on the project I'm taking on but they will range around:
Objective: What are you trying to achieve with this design?
Timing- When do you need it?
Look & Feel- what colours do you want to use? What theme are you going for?
Documentation- All info related to your company to ensure no shortage of information.
Taste: examples of the kind of design styles you might be interested in.

I like to get to know my creations before I meet them. In other words, I dig as much as I need to about what you have invisioned for your brand so that we can meet each other on a certain creative page and explore its' possibilities. The only unfortunate part is that you only get one of the presented options.

Critical info for my design process includes:
-Your Name & Surname
-Your email address
-The name of the company/ brand
-All relevant contact numbers and details
-The brand slogan
-The colours you prefer/ associated with your brand
-Your Address/ company address
- Size of design (A5, A3, Banner 2mx1m, etc.)
-If you are building a website there's many more details that are needed including your company profile. I usually send a questionnaire for you to fill out before I start a website.

It's incredible to be in a space where you can interact with literally every industry known to man. I love that factor because it allows me to experiment with different design concepts from all the different industries. I love making people look good because it's something I struggled a lot with when I was a young entrepreneur.

To be honest, I never thought I l'd have my own design company. Designing is something I did to compliment the music I was making. But when making money in the music biz proved to be an expensive exercise, I then started offering my services to people near me so that I could make some extra money to invest in the music. To my surprise, people kept coming back for my services and even referred more people to me. That is when I realized the potential of a media and design company. I've since then grown in skills and my passion for design has also grown exponentially.

I'm more than a designer, I'm an entrepreneur at heart, I just happen to also have a very creative side to me. After all, business is about finding creative solutions. I offer creative solutions at very competitive prices and you will never walk away unsatisfied, my 100% customer service score is a clear reflection of this.