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18 May 2019

Amazing work. I was dumped by my decor person 5 days before my wedding, but CS Events were able to help me make my special day beautiful. Even though it was last minute they made everything so magical. I truelly am grateful. More...

5 February 2019

CS Events were really amazing, they made our day run smooth and the decor looked outstanding.

5 February 2019

Mignon thank you for going the extra mile and making my day effortless! The decor and the flowers were out of this world! Family loved everything and i was one happy bride. Thank you �

5 February 2019

Mignon made our day complete with beautiful decor, her passion for perfection was so much appreciated!

17 November 2018

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25 May 2017

An excellent, professional and talented decor supplier. Our wedding was magical!

25 May 2017

CS events are really professional and were able to capture out requirements exactly and within our budget.

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