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Dave Butler

14 March 2019

I would recommend bodyshapeperformance because there is a good training ethic within the group, and always a trainer on hand to help you through any difficult training techniques. Really enjoyable with a good atmosphere. More...


Jamie Parr

5 December 2018

Just finished my time with the guys down at Bodyshapeperfornance and I have to say it's been a fantastic experience, when I started I had never been in a gym before and was quite apprehensive about what to expect. Having never done any training before I found the first weeks very hard but also very rewarding and I went from someone who never thought could enjoy the gym to looking forward to each session to see if I could improve on the last. I have to say anybody thinking of starting here just do it, all the staff Derek Rowe, Ciaran Bates, Hollie Reville and James Connelly are brilliant and help you every step of the way with the nutrition and exercise plans. I'm definitely going to keep training and moving forward as I not only look better but feel fantastic too. More...


john fitzgerald

29 June 2018

Exactly what I need in a gym. Great staff and even better motivation from them to help me achieve my fitness goals.


Michal E-doctor

26 May 2018

Thank you lads!


priscilla murphy

25 May 2018

Brilliant team in Bodyshapeperformance. Great advice on nutrition/ health from Derek and Ciaran . They really get you to focus on your goals and constantly check your technique to ensure your working muscle correctly in order to achieve best results. Always available for questions and support best decision you'll make for yourself More...


Liz Walsh

25 May 2018

Good trainers


Alan Bryan

29 August 2017

Great gym! Good atmosphere. Really enjoyed my few weeks here. The lads are all sound. In a short space of time I've seen huge results and am very grateful for the tips and advice. Thanks Derek, Ciarán and Finbar.


Tara Power

17 July 2017

Love it here best gym ever ..always good craic great trainers hard work but so worth it ..


Richard Harty

25 May 2017

Quality training by Derek and team.


Denis Stephens

25 May 2017

Good people good gym.


Thomas O Brien

25 April 2017

Nearly 4 months ago I gave Derek Rowe a call ,, and thank God I did ,, it's changed me for the good ,, mind and body ,, , thanks for everything and everyone one at BSP Ciaran Bates


Jimmy Fitzgerald

30 March 2017

Excellent coaching and great tips on meal plans. Best decision I have made in ages. Energy levels through the roof. Thanks Derek and Ciaran


Donal Noonan

28 March 2017

Thanks so much to Derek Rowe and all his team for the help that I was given.. I honestly could not have done it without these lads help...with the motivation...the drive.... The help with my nutrition and food and even with my own personal mindset! ... just be able to give me the confidence I needed to even just start up and get healthy was just beyond what I expected..for not just myself but my main goal was to be healthier for my kids and help me be more active for them! .. I'm now watching what I eat...feeling great and been more positive about the new change in myself! I owe it all to Derek Rowe and bodyshapeperformance. It was the best decision I ever made and one I wont regret... Thanks lads More...


Alan Butler

15 September 2016

Finished my 12 week program today. It was tough especially the first 2 weeks but it was well worth it. From the videos Derek posted it kept the motivation up and Darragh looking after the nutritional side and answering a good few texts in the first 3 weeks but a massive thanks to Cian for pushing me to the last. The lads are knowledgeable and support and advise all the way through. I can't recommend them highly enough..... I have more confidence and look better .Thanks Guys More...


Amy Martin

6 September 2016

Spent 4 weeks with the lads and really got back on track. Spent almost a year out with injury and very little exercise and shite food. But this was just what I needed. Thanks for all your help and motivation over the past month finally back to a figure I am happy with and back at a weight I can manage to play my sport at too!! More...


Jason Casey

6 August 2016

Just finished a 6 week programme with the lads down in BSP . I would say to anyone thinking of joining to go for it. Derek , Darragh Cian are 1st class in nutritional education and training techniques. In 6 short weeks I've learnt loads in a friendly positive environment that the lads create. The accountability training in a small group environment was a great motivator for me. Thanks again men! More...


Joanna Włodek

13 July 2016

Last week I finish 12-week program in BSP. It completely changed my life. Really I am more confident now and when I look in the mirror, I'm proud of myself. From size 14 to 8-10. I never join the gym before now I start to love my morning exercise. Even my friends noticed a difference. Thank you for all the advice. Now I know how to eat healthy and take care of myself. People in BSP are fantastic thanks again Darragh Byrne, Cian Byrne and Derek Rowe. I learned a lot from you guys. If someone doesn't know how to change something in your life, not only the look but also the feel I recommend the guys BSP. More...


Eoin Ryan

8 July 2016

I just finished my 6 week program with Darragh Cian and Derek. They really helped me with my nutrition and training. I would highly recommend anyone to do their program. I found a huge difference after just 6 weeks. Thanks for the help. Well worth it. More...


Fiona Flynn

2 June 2016

Thanks to Darragh, Cian, Jason & Derek for your support and motivation. I would wholeheartedly recommend Bodyshape performance & will miss the fun & friendly atmosphere


Thomas Furlong

15 April 2016

Last day at bsp and and the experience made a massive improvement in my life. If anyone is considering joining, don't consider it just do it. It will make a big difference in your body and mind. Thanks to Derek, Cian and Daragh for their dedication and commitment. More...


Sinéad Lemonade

9 April 2016

So after 12 weeks at BSP I can say that I'm absolutely delighted with the results (still not brave enough to put up the pictures just yet haha) just about at that size 12 down from a size 16 I couldn't have asked for more!! if anyone is looking to loose weight but more importantly to improve your lifestyle give these lads a go! To Darragh Cian and Derek can't thank Ye enough! Best trainers going and so supportive! Definitely a must for anyone wanting to get fit and healthy really sad to be leaving Ye More...


Derek O'Brien

15 February 2016

Recently finished 12 weeks with Bodyshape Performance, and would recommend it to anyone. Derek, Darragh and Cian are fantastic, know their stuff and how to get it across. Its tough going but really enjoyable and would encourage anyone to join and get the benefit of their experience More...


Shane Cullen

12 February 2016

I have just finished 6 weeks with Cian Byrne Darragh Byrne and Derek Rowe in body shape performance. It's been a real eye opening experience. The guys in BSP instructed me on nutrition, gym techniques and put in place a programme to suit my needs. They are very encouraging and friendly while pushin me to my max to get the results I wanted. I have left BSP with a new outlook on life and my diet in particular, who knew eating more meals was the way to go. Anyone looking to get in shape and change their lifestyle give these boys a shout u won't regret it. More...


James Keogh

29 December 2015

Twelve weeks ago, I used to look at myself in the mirror and feel terrible. I was overweight, had lumps and bumps everywhere, and the only shape i was in was round. This was due to years of little to no exercise, a terrible diet and the wrong outlook on what it would take to reverse this. I had the mentality that i couldn't change, that this was it, i was only going to get bigger and bigger. It got me down quite a lot, and as a result i had very low confidence in myself. It was affecting me mentally as well as physically. I had tried numerous gyms, with "personalised 1 to 1" training. This usually meant the first session was one to one, and then i was left to my own devices. I was never told how each exercise would help, and was never checked upon to ensure i was doing everything right. Then a friend recommended that i go to Body Shape Performace and speak to Derek. I'll be honest, i wasn't expecting anything different. But i was completely wrong. Derek initially went through why i was the shape i was, why the food i was eating was having a negative effect, and why I felt down because of it. I never thought i could eat healthy, i despised vegetables. Derek told me what i needed to do, and promised me that i could change. And boy did i change. Within a week of starting, i could already see the difference. Twelve weeks later, and i'm a different person. Not only physically, i have lost a lot of weight and gained muscle in it's place. But also mentally. I now know that with some hard work and the right nutrition, i can continue on this path to a better me. My entire outlook on being healthy and fit has changed. With the help of Derek, Cian and Darragh, i received 1 to 1 training, it was explained how each exercise worked for me. I'm stronger, fitter, healthier, and most importantly for me, i have way more confidence in myself. The nutrition is the easiest part, and i thought it would be the hardest. I wouldn't even look at broccoli before, and now i'm eating more greens that i have my entire life up to this point. And you get a fantastic recipe book, with easy to follow meals which are not only nutritious, but damn tasty too. My journey hasn't ended, but i would never be here if it wasn't for Body Shape Performance and the excellent help of Derek, Darragh and Cian. Everyone is there for the same or similar reasons, and it becomes a close knit group who you can depend upon for help when it's needed. I couldn't recommend Body Shape Performance highly enough. If i can do, trust me, you can too. A massive thank you to everyone at Body Shape Performance! More...


Kevin Cooper

27 December 2015

Earlier this week I completed my 12 week program with BodyShapePerformace. I have achieved fantastic results through a combination of good nutrition, effective weight training, and a lot of hard work. The personal trainers Derek, Darragh and Cian, provide a great place to work out, in a fun and friendly environment. Thanks for the encouragement, guidance, and motivation during the past 12 weeks. I am looking forward to returning in the New Year. More...


Lisa-Maria Borla

28 November 2015

I needed a change. It wasn’t about losing weight, it was about feeling good about myself, feeling happy And then I heard of Derek Rowe and his gym Body Shape Performance and thought why not give it a go. What did I have to lose? It turns out I lost nothing more than inches and weight but gained a hell of a lot more: the knowledge of healthy mind and body and new friends. Derek, Darragh and Cian were fantastic. They knew how to push me for me to get the most out of my training. It was tough but as they say no pain no gain. It was also fun. The craic was mighty, great banter, great life changing experience. The transformation in my physique is most evident but the true transformation is in my wellbeing. It was a journey to say the least but one well worth taking. I’m thankful for the encouragement, the guidance and all the people/new friends I met on the way. I recommend it to anyone who is feeling out of shape, stressed, low on confidence, scared of a gym environment. I’m back I’m healthier I’m motivated I’m more knowledgeable I’m inspired …I’m still drinking wine, but no one’s perfect wink emoticon Looking forward to seeing everyone again at the Christmas night out PS: To Cian and Darragh. I’m 2 weeks late posting this but you can’t make me do extra burpies and prowler! Ah ah! More...


Emmett Cooke

27 November 2015

Just finished up my last day today on the 12 week program this morning. I am absolutely stunned at the final progress photos taken this morning and can't believe that I was able to make so much of a change in just 12 weeks. I had been going to the gym for about 1 1/2 years before going to BSP and made very little progress but after just 3 months here, Derek, Darragh and Cian helped me transform my body into something I'm really proud of. I genuinely cannot recommend them enough More...


Tom Doyle

5 October 2015

Hi guys. First I want to say a big thanks to Derek. Daragh and Dave for all the support and for everything the thought me me the last while. What a great bunch of lads and nice friendly gym with a great atmosphere to train in. Hope our paths cross soon again in the future. Anyone thinking of getting into shape look no further than these boys there top notch bunch of lads More...


Catherine Kelly

26 September 2015

Just finished my 12 weeks at Bodyshapeperformance to say i'm happy with my transformation would be an understatement. But what i have learned there was invaluable about myself, nutrition and being able to carry on my training on my own. Thanks Derek for that first day the encouragement and the motivation you gave me that day got me through those 12 weeks and Darragh and Dave i would have never got the results without your no nonsense approach you never know what you can and can't do until you've tried it thank you i now feel ready to push myself more everyday and look forward to carrying on my transformation. More...


Gary Keane

17 September 2015

So twelve weeks ago I looked at myself and thought Gary your not getting any younger, your belly is growing and moobs are beginning to sprout. I knew it was now or never to take steps to change. This took me to Derek Rowe and the bodyshapeperformance gym, which came highly recommended by friends. I had no clue what to expect but said id go and meet Derek and have a chat about where the training could take me. To be told your producing a female hormone (through my diet) was a shock I must admit, but Derek assured me I would get results if I stuck to my nutrition plan and trained hard. Well twelve weeks later and I am down to around 8% or less body fat, moobs gone and belly gone. So id like to thank Derek, Darragh Byrne , Dave Spillane for the motivation, education, banter and life changing experience that I have received over the last three months. I recommend anyone feeling out of shape, low on confidence, apprehensive about what a gym is like to contact the lads at Bodyshapeperformance gym to see what can be achieved with education and hard work. If I can do it, anyone can. Sound More...


Alan Malone

11 September 2015

So this morning my journey at BSP finally ended. It's been a fantastic 16 weeks of both physical and mental evolution . A huge thank you to Derek, Darragh and Dave for the exemplary guidance and motivation they showed from day 1. I would urge anybody regardless of shape size of goals to give this programme a go. Easily worth every penny. Great spirit, great vibe ,great people!!. Wishing all clients past present and future all the best too. More...


Benny Finlay

10 September 2015

I have just finished 8 weeks with Derek, Darragh and Dave down in BSP. It's been an eye opening experience. I'd never lifted weights or been instructed in a gym before. I grew up playing sports and never had a problem with weight as a result but as I've hit my mid 30s the sports had gone away and the weight had started to arrive in its place. The guys in BSP instructed me on nutrition, gym techniques and put in place programs to get the best out of the time I spent there. They were extremely encouraging and friendly while still making it clear that they expected me to work hard to achieve the results I wanted. I've left BSP with a new outlook to life, food, exercise and a new waistline (having lost 5 and 1/2 inches off it). I couldn't recommend them enough. More...


Liana Roux

2 September 2015

I just want to thank Derek Rowe for creating such a wonderful environment where you can go no matter what shape or fitness level and get the opportunity to improve yourself not only in a physical way but also grow mentally. Darragh Byrne thank you for all your encouragement and advise and patience and for helping me to get the results I did. And last but not least the few times I had the pleasure to train with Dave Spillane he was brilliant. Sad my time is up but hopefully you'll see me again in the near future. More...


Brid Galvin

29 August 2015

I completed a 7 week programme with BSP before I went on holidays and the results were fantastic. I had not only inches but redefined my body shape. The lads at BSP push you not only physically but to believe in yourself. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. The support and guidance you get is like no other gym id joined prior to BSP. Thanks to Derek, Darragh, Dave and Cian! More...


Cat McCabe

2 August 2015

BSP is a great place! With the help of these guys and also with the nutritional advise and training programmes they have put in place for me I have toned up nicely and got a better leaner body that I wanted – Thanks guys for all your help – keep up the good work!


Glenn Coco

5 July 2015

My time at BodyShapePerformance was probably the most enjoyable 12 weeks of my entire life. Having had such a sedentary lifestyle before signing up, I really wasn't expecting to fall in love with the place as quick as I did. Within 3-4 weeks I had lost an entire stone, and from then on, the results that I could see on a daily basis motivated me to to enjoy my training, keep my nutrition on track and continue doing what I had begun to love doing. I was really surprised at how easy it was once I took the first big step ( the hardest step ), and..well after 12 weeks.. I think my pictures can speak for themselves. BSP really changed my life, and have never been as proud and confident with myself as I am now. Can't wait to go back! More...


Tracy Boland

1 April 2015

In my second week and already feeling energy levels rising, feeling great, feeling the pain but feeling the gain. These guys are non judgemental and so encouraging for me to get fit, I'm so grateful to be part of it. Thanks everyone at Body shape performance x More...


Patrick Kehoe

10 March 2015

Joined Dereks gym a couple of months, hadn't a clue where to begin in a gym up until then and lacked vision in other aspects of life, safe to say with guidance and a little ass kicking I'm getting there and feeling much better physically and mentally,turned around my attitude for the better , top bloke top gym, keep up the good work


Mcdonald McDonald

4 March 2015

I just finshed my 12 weeks at bsp. it was hard work some days but Derek knows the rite way to push u on to ur golds .hes made me a lot stonger and iam eating a lot better . it was great I highly recommend, bsp! five star. More...


Fiona Kelly-McCarthy

21 February 2015

Really enjoyed my 8 weeks training here, delighted with my progress


Skye Donnelly

19 February 2015

Did a 12 week programme with Derek and I cant recommend him enough, as a girl who had never lifted a weight in her life Derek's individualised, personal programme pushed me to my limits both in diet and exercise...the support from Derek inside and outside the gym had a lot to do with why I stuck at it..I would go highly recommend Derek if you're looking for a lifestyle change! More...


John Howlett

12 December 2014

Best life changing advice you'll ever get


Alison Ryan

28 August 2014

Thank you so much for your patience today really enjoyed the session ,


Kevin Droney

14 August 2014

Derek is a top class trainer with real passion on getting you results and achieving whatever goals you have,i done the 4 week programme and cant speak high enough of it,iv dropped weight, gained mass and have changed my whole lifestlye and outlook because of it,the value for money is amazing,you get a nutrition plan and are shown the correct way and technique of doing the exercise,he keeps his class numbers to a minimum so its more like personal training,with his advise and help and his youtube channel you cant go wrong so if your stuck in a rut like i was or sick of going to gym just for the sake of it give him a call,stick to his plan and he guarantees results


Paul Halley

30 April 2014

I joined BSP four weeks ago before joining wasn't into lifting weights, much exercising, gyms or healthy eating so I was starting fresh with Derek. Derek is a great trainer he showed me the right techniques and movements its taken some work but I'm finally finding my feet. He gives equal attention to everyone there and is very patient. He'll push you as far as he knows you can go and won't push you over. I'm coming to end of my four week program I'm eating healthier my fitness up and feel alot better in myself I plan to continue working with Derek on myself and look forward to seeing the results in future. I would recommend to everyone to join BSP to get fit , healthier and to build confidence in yourself. I know I already feel confident in myself when I'm doing it to when I started. :) More...


James O Brien

16 April 2014

I'm starting The 28 Day Beach Body Programme on Tuesday. I'm pretty excited and ready to get stuck in. Derek is very professional and dedicated to giving you his all. Making sure your working out in a safe environment with emphases on posture and diet. Can't wait! More...


Barry McCormick

5 April 2014

Only in the door but I can tell that Derek's dedication, knowledge and mist importantly, ability to transfer that knowledge, will pay huge dividends.


Jamie Condon

4 April 2014

Have been lifting weights on and off a few years with a bit of progress but nothing major so joined up with derek to get what i couldnt on my own been training a week and have learned alot about posture and other exercises would recommend to everyone to join :)


Niamh Phelan

1 April 2014

Iv done dereks class and my god they are tough, but great, iv done the beach body performance and I feel great after it, so much that after the 4 weeks im definitely keeping up his classes, he trains u so well that u no how to handle the weights properly an u wont damage urself in any way, I wud highly recommend his classes to anyone, ul look an feel great after it, so hats off to u derek an best of luck in the future, love ur classes see u wednesday :-)


Aimee Gouder

27 March 2014

I have joined BSP one month ago and I noticed that my body is getting toned and fitter. Since I joined I improved my mobility and lost 3 kilos . Derek is a very good trainer which helps me to do the right technique and appropriate movements.Individual attention is given to all whatever circumstances maybe I truly recommend to everyone to join BSP to get fit , healthier and have confidence in one self More...