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John Walsh

26 April 2019

Just got back home from one of Sifu Keith Fanning great classes well worth your time always something New and that says a lot I travel up from Co.wexford to be there... they are a great bunch of guys More...


Virginia Angulo

5 April 2019

I’ve been going for the past 4 years. I love the trainers, the classes (all levels), and the atmosphere.... if you’re looking to go back to training, or if you’ve never done it or want to improve this is the place to go! Highly recommend it


Mark Grant

23 January 2019

kids absolutely loved it, good physical exercise, some life skills and loads of fun


Haseeb Butt

14 November 2018

Best place for kids to enroll in Balbriggan. For fitness and fun under one roof.


Vladimirs Karass

13 June 2018

Super club we are very happy that our son is engaged there!


Ignacio Gallo Campos

19 May 2018

The best Martial art and fitness center I have been involved in my entire 37 years of age. Not only for the possibilities but most importantly for the human quality and integrity of the people leading it!. No word to express my gratitude during almost 2 years of weekly training. Thank you and keep it up! More...


Sharon Byrne

21 March 2018

There is something for everyone. I do classes with my daughter and my son does kick boxing


Aisling Carroll Quinn

13 November 2017

I only joined just overv1 month. Great support. I'm a mother of 3 kids and since joining more energy 1 stone gone. Theirs plenty of times to pick from so u can get to a class.


Ciara Doyle

15 September 2017

I've been meaning to write this for a while. I joined blue dragon back in January after having my third baby all caesarian sections. I was always a runner, but had started to lose the love for it, I needed to try something different. I never really liked classes, but at the same time needed to get out of the house and get some me time. So I nervously went to my first class. I was absolutely hooked on the classes and how louise mixes it up, you never know what your in for when you go to class, the diversity is what keeps it so interesting. The classes are exceptionally great value for money and your not tied into costly gym memberships, its money well spent in my eyes. Everyone at the classes are so nice, some are in the same boat as me only learning and some are super fit, but there's a place for everyone, I think this is why I'm so comfortable here, there are no cliques, no show offs and no BS!!!! Louise is infectious, her laugh puts in in good form all the time. She knows her stuff, she spots if your technique is off and helps you correct it, She motivates you when your tiring and gives you a kick up the a!@ when you need it. Joining blue dragon is the best thing I've ever done for myself And my family as I'm in better form, fitter and have more energy to deal with three young children. Thanks louise More...


Pamela Somers

30 August 2017

Travelling to get to the gym was well worth it. Brought my 15yr old son here as he needed extra training and the staff and instructors were more than helpful, kind, and more than willing to give him all the attention he needed. Brilliant place to train. We will definitely be back More...


Pat Cunningham

28 August 2017

Blue Dragon Fitness Centre is a fantastic facility in Balbriggan, expertly run by Sifu Keith Fanning. It has a warm and friendly atmosphere and must be experienced to be believed.


Zhivko Mitsov

8 July 2017

Great place to train!!!


Keith Sherwin

8 July 2017

Commencing Iron Fist Kung Fu 2 years ago at 36yrs and 10 months old has changed my life! I love every class, I am more confident, I am fitter and healthier physically and mentally than I was 18 years ago. Sifu Keith has 36yrs of training and knowledge behind him and has more knowledge in the back of his mind than I will ever fit into mine. an example of following Sifu's guidance - specifically in iron fist, we have the best hand conditioning there is and after only 2 years, I am handstanding on my fingers, breaking cement blocks, breaking granite rocks! I have met really fantastic nutters (I mean lovely people) � I look forward to all my years ahead at Blue Dragon! More...


Wendy Williams

7 July 2017

I've been going to Blue Dragon classes for years now from kettle bell classes, circut training, cardio kickboxing and plenty more classes to choose from there is something for everybody, friendly staff and experienced trainers..won't train anywhere else. 5*


Shauna Roy

7 July 2017

Great place to train, I wouldn't be able to cope with life without the mammy morning classes now, whether it's Liz Louise or Keith they know how to keep us going class after class


Brian Smyth

7 July 2017

Think your too old? Think again. My son (29) got me to join the Kung Fu classes last year. Turned out to be the best thing I ever did. I turned 60 this year, I am healthier, and fitter than I was 20 years ago. You don't meet strangers when you join Blue Dragon, you become part of a new family. Thanks Sifu Keith. More...


Garry Bergin

16 June 2017

One of the best martial arts training centres I've ever come across. Great place to learn from a great selection of Martial Arts staff (including 8th Degree Black Belt instructors) in a friendly, decent and supportive environment. Love the mutual respect that the instructors have for the kids. They not only teach them Martial Arts at an extremely high level but try hard to make a difference in their lives More...


Olivia Richardson

7 March 2017

I started my 1st bootcamp session last night with Aishlinn,absolutely loved it! She's an excellent personal trainer& really looking forward to getting stuck in & getting myself back to full fitness again ��������


Dave Callan

4 February 2017

Great place to train for all levels of fitness And skill


Andrea Porter

28 January 2017

My 7 year old daughter and I attended the free seminar on self defence for females this morning. The class was delivered to women of all ages, shapes and sizes. I was so impressed at the amount we learned. The team of instructors are incredible and instilled such confidence in a very short amount of time. Both my daughter and I took away some very valuable lessons on prevention, awareness and what to do if the worst happens. This is such a valuable resource and we're very lucky as a community to have such highly trained and professional individuals to pass on their expertise. I understand they will be running some more classes like the one we attended this morning so If you get a chance to try one, bring your mums, daughters and nanas...you're never too young or old to learn these very necessary skills. More...


Gráinne Kilmurry

25 January 2017

Started in Ironworx when it opened last January .... was pushing hard on weights that were doing more damage than good until the great Tracy took me under her wing and all I can say is that I haven't looked back once (well only to check me glutes of course)!! Now I have joined the classes in Blue Dragon which I never thought I would be able for and between the knocks and bruises ...... I LOVE IT!!!! ����� More...


Nessacatherine O'Carroll

15 November 2016

Super club, brilliant trainers, very encouraging and supportive classes, great atmosphere, can't recommend it enough


Liz Vickers

9 October 2016

I started training in Blue Dragon two years ago. Since then I've attended the all of the ladies classes, I've enjoyed them immensely. I've made great friends and see a lot of the guys and girls as family. I've recently fought San Shou kickboxing for the club and my confidence has soared. My only regret is that I didn't start training sooner. More...


Kaz Valentine

28 September 2016

Best family gym goin... Highly recommend ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨


Brigita Usman

26 April 2016

Ive attended the kettlebell classes and I loved them! Louise is an amazing coach, she will make you work super hard and you will be touching your limits, but all of this is somehow fun:) And you will never feel that you are wasting your time or money!


Bridget Guilfoyle

21 April 2016

I just recently joined this gym and am really enjoying it thanks mainly to Louise our trainer. As there are a variety ofclasses 6 days a week if you miss one day you can catch up the next. The atmosphere is great. Louise is always in form. I am a bit worried though as she really seems to enjoy making us sweat!!!! I would definitely highly recommend her classes and thanks to all for making me feel welcome. More...


Barbara Donnelly

28 January 2016

So happy I discovered blue dragon, there classes and trainers ( especially Louise ) are amazing, and classes in mornings and evenings.. Always something different so never got Bord and boy do the classes work.., More...


Joyce Lawlor

28 January 2016

Have to give a big shout out to the best trainer Louise!! She's helped me over the last year with my fitness levels and now taking extra care of me while I'm pregnant and still doing 5 to 6 classes a week !! And I know she's going to help me lose all my baby weight after too !! More...


Dore Angie

1 April 2015

Love the mammy mornings .. Sally is so nice and does above and beyond the call.. All the girls are so nice in class .. It's a little family .. It's my new home


Stephen Newe

23 February 2015

Amazing service. Amazing instructors. Such a friendly atomsphere so relaxed. Hands down 5/5 definitely.


Tom Murphy

25 December 2014

Great place, owner, trainers and staff are all amazing. Hard training with a good laugh and a bit of craic, what more could you ask for?


Karen Orange

19 September 2014

What can I say except for when i first walked in the door feeling nervous and was made feel very welcome.Exceptional Trainers who Inspire,Motivate and Encourage you every step ofthe way.You get out what you put into your workout but are so motivated to go the extra bit and Challenge yourself and you end up feeling so encouraged and their knowledge is endless and 101% positive .Im loving this Fitness Journey and I love Blue Dragon Iron Fitness.Highly Reccomnended . :) More...


Kim Whitehouse

8 September 2014

Great place,great sessions and great trainers!!!


Susan Doran

2 September 2014

Brilliant classes, train hard and have a great laugh at the same time. Trainers are great too....always supportive and advice on hand whenever needed. Highly recommend this place for all levels of fitness More...


Tracy Whitehouse

19 August 2014

Wot a session place to be


Michael Bolton

15 August 2014

I'm working in balrothery and I'm looking for a change from boxing could drop me a mail regarding time table please


Andrew Molloy

30 June 2014

Great people so friendly they make u enjoy training with them id highly recommend this place you wont get better training or classes anywhere else and very good prices


Gavin Cullen

1 June 2014

Having personally trained under sifu Fanning I would highly recommend anyone looking for fitness or martial arts to try Blue Dragon Iron Fitness which is second to none everyone is treated with respect, and made feel part of a family

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