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What is Coaching?
Coaching is a forward-focused and solutions-driven approach to creating a fulfilled & purposeful life.

Coaching is about being the change in our own lives and learning how to consistently sustain change, growth and development.



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Coaching is an empowering, forward focused approach to aiding individuals, families, groups and organisations to find their own solutions. Watching people grow and develop, follow their passions and purpose, and create meaning in their lives is a truly exciting process.

I am passionate about helping people to discover their authentic purpose and live courageously.

I am an authentic, congruent coach who will aid my clients in finding their own way forward and creating real meaning and purpose in their personal and professional lives.



Creating Your Authentic Self Through Personal Discovery & Empowerment What is Life Coaching? * It’s a solutions-driven approach to moving forward in our lives. * It’s about creating accountability and trust with ourselves and our coach. * It’s about showing up authentically and congruently in our lives. * It’s about understanding our roles in life. * It’s about setting goals and creating plans to get us to where we want to be! Life Coaching focuses on empowering you to find your true passion and purpose. By allowing yourself the space and self-love to explore what you need to create and develop to feel fulfilled and impassioned again. Each individual has a unique set of needs, wants, values and aspirations, which are explored in the coaching sessions. As a coach I believe that everyone has the answers to their questions, and through coaching are able to find their perfect solution. Regardless of personal challenges, we all have wonderful strengths and skills on which to capitalise and move forward in a way that work for us! Life coaching focuses on the solutions, while actively engaging in the process of change. By learning new tools, building on existing strengths and understanding our own values, needs and wants, we are able to show up as empowered individuals. We are then able to practice these approaches and show up as the men and women we strive to be – both personally and professionally.

Developing Recovery Capital for Purposeful, Sustainable Recovery & Wellness What is Recovery Coaching? * It’s about developing recovery capital to support you in your life. * It’s about creating a recovery plan that works for you. * It’s about learning new tools, techniques and coping mechanisms. * It’s about developing new behaviours that support all areas of your life. * It’s about creating the fulfilled, purposeful life you deserve. Recovery Coaching focuses on helping you identify and develop your internal and external resources, which are supportive of your personal recovery plan. By developing social, emotional, physical, spiritual and mental resources, you are able to create a recovery that is sustainable and fulfilling. This Recovery Capital assists in creating a recovery that is fulfilling and purposeful, taking into account your needs, wants, values and aspirations. With multiple pathways to recovery, individuals challenged by substance abuse disorders, are able to develop an approach that is supportive of their unique situation, and their set of available support resources. Whether you or a loved one, friend or colleague need assistance, recovery coaching gives clients the opportunity and the space to explore an opportunity that resonates strongly with them. Like with all coaching models, recovery coaching is about moving forward in life with honesty, integrity and courage. Recovery is a chance to reinvent ourselves, develop strong social and spiritual connections, and learn new tools to assist us in our personal recovery. By changing your beliefs and thoughts about yourself, you change your narrative and actions, which results in healthy new behaviours. And it is with the consistent practice or these new behaviours that you are able to grow and flourish in your life.

Learning to Embrace Self-Love by Developing Strong Nutrition & Fitness Habits What is Well-Being & Lifestyle Coaching * It’s about developing an eating and exercise plan that works for you. * It’s about developing strong habits that are supportive of sustainable change. * It’s about creating health and wellness through scientific nutrition and fitness practices. * It’s about learning to understand and love your body. * It’s about looking and feeling great! Be The Change Coaching works in close collaboration with Alex Campbell Transformation in the specialised niche of nutrition, fitness & lifestyle coaching. By developing a healthy relationship with yourself and food through this empowering coaching model, you are able to follow an eating- and exercise-plan that is specifically developed for you.