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Zaid Omer

24 May 2019

A home to many karateka and a place visited by many local and international martial artists of all styles


Afrooz Jaffer

28 March 2019

Brings out the best in the kids


Yaaseen Osman

7 June 2018



CAT Fitness

7 June 2018

Wow - this looks like a very nice dojo with great facilities. Congratulations!


cassey dorman

7 June 2018

Very nice


elrich herman

30 October 2017

Its a great place for kids to become leaders with confidence an also teaching them a skill in self defence


Shehama Sasman

21 September 2017

Watashi no dojo. Great family vibe. More than a just karate club. Ashihara karate international training venue. An Awesome place to be.


Rushka Ely

21 September 2017

My son has been training at the Ashihara Karate dojo for the past three months. In this short time, I have seen his confidence and fitness improve dramatically. So glad we found this community


Fairouz Nagia

24 August 2017

I have been training at the LOFOB Dojo for the past three months, and it's been an awesome experience! Not only does this spacious facility provide ample room for maximum maneuverability, being fully equipped it allows one to sharpen and hone ones' skills to the max! Great Vibe, Grade A instruction - this Dojo is ROCKING! More...


Tessa Idrees

7 June 2017

Our karate doko