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Anytime Fitness Dun Laoghaire

Kill of the Grange


Anytime Fitness Dun Laoghaire

Kill of the Grange


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Noel Finn

23 August 2019

Excellent place.


sues fav tunes o brien

9 August 2019

Loved the gym always did it , got a cert for step aerobics good for the mind and u feel great after working out, so I'm going back to it.


Sara Neary

30 June 2019

Very helpful staff.


David Quinn

9 May 2019

Been a member for last three years. Great place.


Linda Garry

24 March 2019

Its a gym. Does what it says on the tin so to speak. No frills


Sharans Kabra

22 February 2019

Open 247. Good place.


Damian Keane

23 January 2019

I never joined



23 January 2019

Great gym with a lot of equipment. Relaxed atmosphere from staff and gym-goers. Classic 2000's dance music playing for some nostalgia gains.
The gym manager is a great guy; really goes above and beyond the call of duty.


Sarah Berga

29 November 2018

lovely gym with very good equipment. Manager and trainers have been really helpful.


Jack Manning

24 November 2018

Great gym and it's 24 hours a day open


Tomás Carter

25 September 2018

Great gym and brilliant staff


Giuseppe Stirpe

16 August 2018

Nice gym and staff is very helpful. Julius is a craic :)


Aditya Singh

8 July 2018

Nice gym and staff is very helpful. The best thing is it’s open 24/7.


David Quinn

27 June 2018

They're always ready when you are


Ursula Guerra

5 June 2018

Very good!!!!!!great!!!!


Edmund Ramirez

26 May 2018

Awesome gym with such friendly staff and trainers! �


Shane Ryan

23 May 2018

A fantastic gym. Very laid back attitude from everyone in it from staff to gym goers and you don't feel out of place if you are only starting off like some other gyms around the area. The staff are very helpful and friendly and keep the place really tidy and in order. It is not a huge place but it has enough equipment for everything you need to get fit. More...


Daniel ODea

22 May 2018

Incredible. Great staff good craic fantastic atmosphere


John Mullen

19 May 2018

Very welcoming gym ,with very knowledgable and friendly staff,well equipped


Nadine Kelly

18 May 2018

Best gym around by far! Very handy to have access whenever you want.


Niamh Haskins

18 May 2018

Really great gym especially for anyone who loves their fitness and who loves camradarie. From the club manager down to the instructors and Olga who cleans all very very friendly and really helpful.


Mikey Whyte

14 May 2018

Very modern equipment, staff are sound and very interactive, great buzz around the place


Madeleine Doherty

5 January 2018

I was totally anti-gym when I started at Anytime Fitness. The only reason I joined was because an injury kept me from my favourite activity, and I was going crazy. But you guys and girls made it such a welcoming place, I got curious about what everyone else was doing once I got past my initial recovery regime. The staff and the trainers are friendly, encouraging and helpful. No one made this girl feel like she's an idiot cos she didn't know a lot about weights, equipment or gym etiquette when she started. Now it's my regular place to decompress and chill out while challenging myself. More...


Tony O'connor

8 April 2017

A big "thank you" to Keith and Julias for their encouragement and support. I am now a non-smoker and fitness levels improving every day. I could not have done this alone. Would highly recommend this gym and it's team. Top quality service. More...


Rockie Lee Forsyth

20 February 2017

Great Gym. Really helps me in my recovery from alcohol. 24 hrs is a gr8 idea.


Ronan Kelly

5 December 2015

Open 24/7 is brilliant for people working/studying. Great variety of equipment and you're not on top of each other while training.


Carly Bailey

15 January 2014

Class gym


Eavan MacCarthy Garvey

10 September 2013

Perfect a gym close to home that's 24/7, I couldn't want anything more from a gym!!!


Ray Cullen

5 September 2013

24/7. Very good for busy people to squeeze in time at the gym