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Edlution Pte Ltd

Beach Road, The Plaza, Singapore

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Since 2013, we have helped many businesses and non-IT departments to create IT solutions, tailored to their unique processes to digitalize, automate, increase productivity, and develop their competitive advantage.

17 hour response time

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To put it simply, this approach allows you to have a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and expertise on demand and on your side without the price tag of a Full-Time CTO.

The CTO will report directly to the Management to provide effective business technology leadership advice and direction, which is often not needed on a permanent basis or lacking in smaller environments.

Here are some examples of the work scope:

- IT Strategy Management and Advice.
- A CIO/CTO or IT Manager to support Business As Usual (BAU)
- Pre-sales IT Infrastructure (Hardware, Systems, - Software) Consultant
- Project Delivery Management

Engagement: Hourly

We dive in and study how we can turn your concept into an implementable solution.

We will advise and provide technical consultation to your questions and worries for your desired software, IT infrastructure, and post-project support concerns.

The deliverables may include one or more of the following:

- Software Architecture Diagram
- User Interface (UI) Wireframes and Selected Mock-Ups
- Software Process Work Flow or Data Flow Charts
- Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
- Proof of Concepts
- Prototypes
- Test Cases

Engagement: Hourly

Is there an existing software system that you would like us to study? We can do a baseline study of the system for you to decide if it is something you want to model after.

Or are you having issues with your existing system or your development team? We will be glad to take a look and give you an honest assessment.

Engagement: Hourly

Perfect for companies who wish to commence the project soonest and have yet to finalize the scope of the project.

A dedicated team that may consist of the following professionals will work with you on your project implementation.

- Software Analyst
- Software Consultant and Designer
- App Developer
- Web and Server Developer
- Software Tester

To ensure an efficient working relationship with our clients, we have put together a procedure that includes daily / weekly / bi-weekly meetings and the use of various project collaboration software.

Engagement: minimum of 6 months

This is recommended for projects with a software design document that allows the software development to commence soonest.

A Software Development Scope includes:

- Developer Coding
- Developer Implementation
- Developer Unit Testing

A well-defined design document is crucial for this approach as any changes, new findings to the work scope, and/or change in target objectives after the project has commenced will likely impact the previously quoted fees and proposed schedule.

Engagement: In general, most projects require an average of 8 to 12 weeks.

To support the Client’s Staging Acceptance Test.

Scope includes:

- Test Plan or Test Cases
- Testing of Software
- Bug Fixing

Engagement: Most projects require at least 2 rounds of SAT and the estimated duration for each round is 3 weeks (see details below).

Week 1: Testing of software and reporting of issues found to Edlution’s Ticketing Online System by the Client.
Week 2: Diagnosis and fixing of the Client’s reported issues.
Week 3: Re-testing by the Client to confirm bug fixes.

This includes various services that would require the expertise of a Software, System, and/or Database Engineer.

Some examples of Professional Services are Software Production Deployment, Post-Software Deployment Testing, Software Diagnosis, Software Configuration, etc.

Engagement: minimum of 2 hours

Perfect for software that is not mission-critical and clients will administrate and manage end-users themselves.

We provide Level 2 support access and solutions to issues that Level 1 support is not equipped to handle.

Level 2 support includes break/fix, investigate configuration issues, and troubleshooting issues.

Engagement: minimum of 2 hours

Similar to the scope of the service stated in Ad Hoc Support Services, this arrangement specially caters to clients that require our continual and long-term Level 2 support services.

Engagement: minimum of 6 months