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I feel. I pen it down.

I write poems/short stories, that reflect young mind's curiosity and loss of strength when it comes to love. I write emotions, just the way I feel it.
'I want to feel something real in this man-made world', is what I'd like to put forward.



(Short Description: 'Remiss' here, is a poem about a man who loves a woman just so much, even after their separation. But as to their wrecked history, he decides to never be reunited with her, even with the knowledge that she loves him just as much as he does. And hence, he awaits with batted breath to just catch a glimpse of her as to everyday of today making a worthwhile journey of his life as well.)

She sits by the shade of a broken tree,
with some lost fondness,
she opens a little black book.
Curling around the thin ribbon colored red,
stuck at the top end with her index finger,
she places it right in the middle of that book.
From the edge where I stand
it looks like a simple diary
but well numbered with depths of her jotted thoughts.

Lost in her vivid times of life,
she gets a red shinny pen out from her wrecked purse
as she places her purse aside
again, I get to see those chipped words
which read 'Rekindle the Love'.
May be,
I wished for her to stop and look around.
Or for her to just know,
I watch her everyday like it's the first time.

But as I see her write on that eight inch book,
I never fail to realize what her purse meant
and why was red her color.

when I first met Cara,
world seemed to be the most bountiful place ever in years.
Birds filled the sky,
trees swayed along the shore,
sand shined pure gold out,
water sparkled like little diamonds floating over the edge.
It was an aesthetic day to fall in love.

We were in a perfect place,
where no noise could obtrude,
where we finally had found the secret glue that held things gentle together.

But one night our bed caught fire
All of a sudden,
the munificent world seemed very bewildering.
We clenched our fists a million times before parting our ways
It was a long ride that day,
we had a lot going on,
but it sure was my last shot.

I really wasn't trying to smother Cara's life
I was trying to make mine breathable.
Oh, how I loved the sound of her voice.

Falling away through the journey of darkness,
she tries to end the walk.
Little did she know,
it wasn't an end but a start of new red, yellow crisp pages.
Her mesmerizing eyes,
could tell she was aching,
but she had a plan
to never be apprehensive.

I, on the other hand?
I wanted to wake up when this was over.
I never knew how lost I was until I met her,
until I saw her again.
Oh, how I loved to surrender myself in her arms.
Yes, she could still steer my beating heart
but I chose to carry the weight of a lone heart instead.

And as ever, I decide to not apprehend with
And decide to walk remissly,
on the road full of after lament.

She was everything to me.


Short Description:
(Hey there,
'Ivory' here, is a poem that reflects a man's mind, who, adores this woman he have met a year ago and is deeply in love with. But, somehow, because of his two mind, he hurts her unknowingly on the course. He feels rueful as he can't love her the way it is to be but can't let her go either. And Ivory, despite of everything and every truth, follows him with all her heart without a hint of doubt.
And as you'll come across the word 'riverside', just for no confusion, is a metaphor for the longing word 'love'. :)
I hope you'd like it.)

Twice I turned my back on her,
Guilt is the only lantern,
It shall always light my way till I close my eyes.

Every time she hugs me,
I feel a ragged warmth piercing deep in my skin,
of her broken wraith of my given tomorrow.

Her eyelids scream my expedience,
as I try to move past by,
wishing there was no dirt on the riverside.

I can tell by the way she moves,
with a dead rose in her hand,
she followed into wonder steady of my two mind.

Everyday, down by the riverside,
she goes there to be alone,
her shadow prevaricates the reality of pain she called once haven.

I thought I had an answer once,
I led her on to a place of obliviousness,
but it wasn't the night waves of cold hour with a date inscribed.

My random ways of detachment,
swept her along,
and we reached to a place where so many lovers were singing soft, slow and sweet.

It was a blue dim starlit night,
in colossal signs of dreadfulness,
I took her in my arms of reproaching fondness.

From the beginning of the end of her fragile heart,
she saw the sight of my bringing,
but yet, walked toward the borders of riverside quietly with no regret in those eyes.

Qualifications & Certifications (Banking and Insurance)

L.S. Raheja College of Arts and Commerce

St. Anne's High School

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)

L.S. Raheja College of Arts and Commerce

St' Anne's High School

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