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GP physician & postgraduated in tropical medicine primary health care in the tropics

Work History

Central Africa

Essay on health & clinic renewal of paradigm + collection of olicognographs. In English.
15. Different works in Central Africa: ideographic method applied to health and major illnesses, drug supply programming using list of essential
drug + inquiry near health care centers, etc.2005 In French

Sub director of Mothers and Children's Protection PMI

General Council of the Dordogne

September 2012 - January 2013

in Périgueux in the Direction of Solidarity and Prevention at the General Council of the Dordogne.. (dir: Mme Sophie L'Hôte). PMI service topping at around 57% of potential reasonable cover of missions almost prevented from higher optimization by rigid mind wanting to restraint pediatric health prevention to "administration of services" or an obsessive compulsive personality (with lack of in public health). Own achievement a remarked notebook on professional secret. Fully in charge of kindergartens and
preschool children infrastructures agreements; young children's professionals agreements or family assistants
agreements (placed children). Contain involvement in many conventions passed in matters such as databases
exchanges, partnerships in health prevention (child obesity), etcetera. 2 heads of office plus 4 professionals under my
orders. Functional Human Management of 9 physicians. Partial management of 30 more other health professional:
paediatrics nurses, midwives, psychologists, nurses. Fully in charge or Year 1012 Report, etcetera.

French & Spanish

Olicognographs supports & complementary document in micro-management & micro finance (French & Spanish)

pole dir

February 2011 - November 2011

November 2011 - February 2011 Ile de France Gagny LHSS (health care in social accommodation of pre or post
interned patient) GP social medicine 50% time with NGO: Aurore (pole dir: François Hervé). Other 50% dedicated to design of tools and knowledge management.

Aurore Center

July 2010 - February 2011

GP addiction care 50% time with NGO
Aurore. Other 50% dedicated to design of tools and knowledge management.

Faja del Orinoco

Territorial quantitative connectivity of cities of Venezuela using entropy-information


French Guyana Kourou

August 2008 - July 2010

Jeanneau). Other 50% dedicated to design of tools and knowledge management.

March - July 2008. Europe (Switzerland, France, Spain and north of Morocco) Morocco (project of TangerMed), still in touch with a Venezuela private consulting firm MEDIOR (applying to health infrastructures projects; depending on centralizing Venezuela).

Spanish for MEDIOR (Venezuela)

5. Short reviews of Health and Social problems of Jamaica and Haiti in Spanish for MEDIOR (Venezuela)
6. Concept of Spatial Industrial Planning in the Caribbean for Social District for MEDIOR, to be presented to PetroCaribe (Venezuela)
7. Review of project of CSAPA of Kourou French Guyane
8. Translation to Spanish of my book of methods on Olicognography (seemingly one private Editor is interested to publish this 300 pages
books of methods for community development
9. 2 Strategic documents on land use regional and urban social perspective of la "Faja del Orinoco" (Orinoco's heavy oil belt).


Direction of Social

February 2007 - September 2007

in land use Urban and Regional Planning Venezuela. Direction of Social
Infrastructures and Direction of Sustainable Development Social Project FAJA (heavy oil petroleum belt of Orinoco).
C.V.P.- P.D.V.S.A. Venezuela Analysis of investigation of needs of social infrastructure in the area, documents of strategic proposals: town, urban planning, system of cities, low cost housing, frame for economic budgeting of social
infrastructures, training program. Within Secretary of Energy - political struggle in National Oil Firm changed the management at the direction of social infrastructures, put an end to the experience.

Consultant in Land

Ing. Raul Pacheco

May 2006 - December 2006

use and Regional Planning in Ministry of Planning and Development of Venezuela (sub Secretary of regional planning: Ing. Raul Pacheco) Design of a project of Law on Land Use and
Regional Planning. Interventions in technical meetings (with documents of support). Study and modeling of territorial
connectivity of 100 major cities of Venezuela. Synthesis of compared regional development frame.

March - April 2006 Design of a popular training in micro-finance (for Spanish speaking communities).

January 2005 - April 2006. Various periods as General Practice substitute in France and Switzerland.. Add regular post- graduate trainings. Free collaborator in a non profit Swiss organization promoting micro-entrepreneurship and micro
finance (near Spanish speaking communities, in charge of trainings. Design of pedagogic material (100pp). An essay in clinics & health paradigms.

Iraq CAM

primary health trainings (Argentina, Honduras, Iraq, Central Africa 1990, 2001, 2004). 1
year as sub director of Mother and Children Protection of Dordogne's Department.
Medical thesis: Public & community health of urinary schistosomiasis. Documents on health and geography.


In English, 2) Micro-finance, In French etc.


Medical and Health

October 2003 - November 2004

(including investigation) with French Red Cross in Central
Africa: trainings to local health agents (3500 hours-persons in 4 months). Support to local public health sector
(immunization) and short local health studies (undernutrition, etc.). 1 conference in Pasteur's Institute of Bangui.

Health Coordinator for "Comité d'Aide Médicale" in Iraq. Primary Health Care trainings, selection and provision of medical information. I wrote a small book on infectious diseases of Iraq (with intensive use of my electronic library +
intensive use of web). Study of primary health care centers of Nineveh's Governorate drugs supply. 100 pages in English,
6-7 short articles. One publication in an Australian Review.

Since half a dozen years I could have tested with too marginal communities but with high interest from the audiences "my

periods as general practitioner substitute

January 2003 - October 2003

Periods of unemployment implies more dedication to English basic scientific readings and writings.

Trip back to Europe

April 2001 - December 2002

bliographic, conceptual design and integration by ideographic method. in Mexico.
Trip back to Europe, investigation of bibliographic material goes on (New York Scientific Public Library and
London School of Economics one's). I books to found ideographical frames for "knowledge management".

Tulane's University Library

November 2001 - March 2002

Systemic review of methods and graphic design of synthesis of tools for sustainable development during some months near Mexico City. Graphic summaries of many photocopies of
documents of Tulane's University Library. Conference in multidisciplinary department of Autonomous University of Mexico. Bibliographic investigation in UNAM's library.

• June 2001 - October 2001 I worked with Payson Center Tulane University New Orleans USA (PhD William
Bertrand) in a project with an ambition to develop a popular training ability Experimental formal training in post
natural disaster management near poor communities affected by Mitch Hurricane. Perspective shortened by 9/11

Aspiring to go on with the process of creation of new graphical methods in places more scientifically efficient I left
Honduras and intended to find my way into the USA. Most of my efforts or drawings are in English. Leaving Honduras I
left behind some 300 books on high scientific methods and development: 60% English, 20% French and 20% Spanish.

"Foundations of Complexity in Social Management."


18. Study of drug supply of Iraq's primary health care centers in Nineveh governorate 7 short articles (100 pages) provided to any relevant
health organization One article has been published in "Contemporary Nurse" of Australia (previous Iraq's health system) in 2004 In
19. Olivier Godichet and Vivian Ghanem Iraqi system of primary health care: A communitarian Contemporary
Nurse. Exemplary
Comité d'Aide Médicale and European Commission Humanitarian Office (ECHO) Nineveh Governate Mosul, Iraq ..
20. Book on main Iraq's infectious diseases. 70 pages. 30 pages of tables, 13 of ideographs In English (3/4) & Arabic (1/4). Locally published by NGO.
21. 3 derived books explaining my ideographic methods and kind of systemic under complexity philosophy. (500 pages ) In English.
22. Reports of short training of natural disaster management in poor communities of Honduras for Tulane University Payson Center project.
Multimedia of some courses. 2001. In Spanish and English
23. Design of projects of reconstruction after Mitch hurricane: contracted or private. In Spanish & English. Technical school of health
engineering, Health services decentralization & eco-tourism. Department of Colon, north coast of Honduras.
24. 1999 Start of writings on my ideographic methods of social engineering management. (some 1500 pages of raw material after 4 years).In
25. Design of projects of reconstruction after Mitch hurricane: contracted or private. In Spanish & English. Technical school of health
engineering, Health services decentralization & eco-tourism. Department of Colon, north coast of Honduras.
26. Short courses on my methods: 1) in PhD doctorate of development management Autonomous University of Honduras department of Social
Work, 2) Gerardo Barrios University post graduate degree in El Salvador. 3-4) 2 conferences in scientific and mathematics journeys in

Consultant in Social Forestry System for a Canadian

Central America

November 1999 - March 2001

Consultant in Social Forestry System for a Canadian project of Secretary of Agriculture of Honduras
(5 months). I give also 2 weeks of seminars (up do doctorate of development's management) in Honduras and El
Salvador and added 2 Conferences in Honduras Autonomous University, by invitation 1) during Scientific Days and 2)
Central America Mathematics Days. I design projects of reconstruction for an Italian non governmental organization (to
submit to European support) and had also a private initiative of health engineering technical school (for natural disaster
preparedness), promoted near public and private, political and scientific local actors. 2 periods of one trimester each of
Field study in Mangrove Coastal Sustainable Development in El Salvador (the study was interrupted by an earthquake). Assessment of social and economics effects of Mitch's hurricane in Honduras for United Nations
Development Program (4 months), many short syntheses. Professional and pedagogic works in Spanish. Fundamental
efforts in English. Design of a popular seed bank near poor communities of South Honduras for CARITAS.

Independent investigator, Consultant, some seminars provided in local universities


Autonomous University of Honduras

private initiatives near poor communities, as well as during micro-finance study. 1999 - 2000. In Spanish

Studies of sustainable regional development around a mangrove in El Salvador

Private study. Partly of aftermath of a European project of development with coastal communities Some 5 months in 2 periods 1999 - 2000. In English

development made for FLACSO Costa Rica

Seed Bank

28. Design of radio-broadcast project of popular education in El Salvador. 1999 In Spanish
29. Social-economical Micro-finance study of a project of Seed Bank in poor south of Honduras supported by CARITAS..1999 In Spanish
30. Assessment of social and economical impact (employment, agricultural and industrial economics) of Mitch hurricane in Honduras.
Honduras department frame + field study in the department of Colon.1999 In Spanish (including damage to agriculture sector + local health
trends (Aids risks) In Spanish
31. Design of projects of study in social dynamics (civilian unrest and policies of state agencies) In Spanish and English
32. Input-output economics matrix exercise for Honduras as part of an assessment of public inversion in Honduras. This assessment provided with 100 pages of report, random sample of project and control of their results and aims.1997 In Spanish
33. "Methodological notebooks "Starting point" (17. for popular economy. of 25 pages each. One has been published in Honduras (Pictures for good Government) In Spanish
34. Poverty and local geopolitics. Project of study Application to communities in Salvador-Honduras. 1997. In Spanish. Staid private
35. Mother and Child Mortality and Morbidity Trends in Central America. Synthesis including relation to sustainable
development made for FLACSO Costa Rica (on a UNICEF contract) as one chapter of a book.1997 In Spanish
36. Geographic perspective of local government planning and department socio-economic disparities.
37. Regional frame for deconcentration and decentralization of Honduras (made me assessor in regional planning to sub Secretary of

General Practitioner substitute in France and bibliographic research on coastal

October 1997 - October 1998

sustainable development in France. University links with a department of applied ecology did not prosper. This was the reasons for many scientific and fundamental insights on this kind of ecology, geographic modeling, botanic of mangrove,
ecology of estuaries and of coasts. Self review in advances of modern medical practice (with a design of a system of tables for multi-level synthesis on uses of drugs.

Descentralización y Gobierno

Municipal en Honduras. Cuaderno No.3,
San Salvador: FLACSO
Referenced [PDF] Evaluación y Monitoreo de las Estrategias de Reducción de la UNDP document
43. Book on Land-use regional participative planning in Honduras, published as the 52 review of the

Free lance consultant

Autonomous University

July 1996 - September 1997

in Honduras I achieved too the processes of publication (in
Spanish) of previous period. 2 Consultancies of Public economy with German GTZ cooperation near the Planning
Secretary Honduras and local governments. Good relationships with friends from mathematics' department of
Autonomous University of Honduras. Design of projects of curricula (epistemology and ergonomics). Design of projects of social studies. Partner in a project of institute in demographics studies in Honduras, etc. Mother and Child Health
mortality and morbidity trends in Central America, a chapter for a book for FLACSO Costa Rica & UNICEF. Many private
short-books on local governments' concepts of management (one has been published by a human rights non profit

Works made for the (sub)Secretary of Government and Justice of Honduras. In Spanish

institut des hautes études de l'Amérique Latine

- Paris and in Mexico-UNAM)
44. Social impact of neo-liberal adjustment on exposed poor groups in Honduras. Private study on labour statistics 20 pages. 1995 In Spanish
45. Works made for the (sub)Secretary of Government and Justice of Honduras. In Spanish

endorsed as the Secretary answers to the technical

38. Proposal for delimitation of indigenous cultural municipalities in Honduras, 1995
39. 3 detailed commentaries of projects of laws on regional planning and decentralization (endorsed as the Secretary answers to the technical
agency of these project driven by the Congress. 2 documents turned the basis of redesign of the project of regional planning.1996


June 1995 - June 1996

of Regional Planning and sustainable development of Honduras near Sub- secretary of Government (Secretary of Government and Justice) Critical review of 2 projects of laws on regional
planning and State decentralization (endorsed as the Secretary's technical answer to the Congress' technical agency).
Many conferences, notes of synthesis and/or of perspective. Around 400 pages of technical notes or short articles
provided to the Sub-Secretary. Publication of one Book of 500 pages on Honduras Regional Planning processes and sustainable development (by Central America Bank of Economic Integration).120 pages study for FLACSO-El Salvador on Honduras decentralization, local government finance published by them. I ended voluntarily my collaboration when my
Sub-Secretary came back to his political militancy.

referred by several Salvadorian NGO

41. Local government Finance in Honduras study of 120 pages made for and published by FLACSO El Salvador. (contain of this book is
referred by several Salvadorian NGO (find through my made in Google). 1997 In Spanish

human rights local ngo

. In Spanish
47. Poverty of exposed social group in Honduras. Document provided for free to a human rights local ngo. 1994. In Spanish
48. Half parametric method for comparing national health situation in Central America. Private work of some 20 pages. Conception of a system of health data frame for the region. Stayed private.1994 In Spanish

Studies of investments

. Referred by INCAP-Costa Rica
54. Memorandum of professional practice for the advanced diploma of industrial economics of projects. At Renault factory. Studies of investments, assessment of safety accidents and appraisal of human factors cost in a project of new car ("Twingo") during 3 months. Best
marks (together with 2 others) upon 26 memories. In French

Central America and for Nicaragua Health Secretary

World Bank project

. Logical links between health policies and public sector services
50. Functional review of foreign aid to health sector, Health sector decentralization, In Spanish

Part-time Health economics researcher and free lance consultant

Central America

Partial support from a French Mesoamerican Center of Investigation (CEMCA). 1) Health Urban Economy investigator. Collection of data on health and networking in 4 Central American capital cities: Ciudad de Guatemala, San Salvador, Tegucigalpa,
Managua. Half a dozen of articles of synthesis, two conferences, design of semi-parametric methods of comparison.
Design of some projects of studies 2) Consultant in Health Economics. Consultancies with World Bank and United
Nations Fund for Population Activities. Studies of decentralization, health policies in Managua (Nicaragua), local system of health communication in San Pedro Sula (Honduras).


51. 3 short studies (25 pages each) concerning health economics of Salvador health: health sector, health geographic discrepancies and health consumption. Bought by a local research institution. CENITEC. 1993-94. In Spanish
52. Central America Health trends and health system during de eighties, perspective for the nineties. 1993 Document of 105 pages provided to local actors. When supported by French centre of Mexican and Central American studies CEMCA. In Spanish
53. Olivier Godichet La crisis de los años 80 en Centroamerica: un enfoque sanitario y perspectives para los años

International Center for Childhood

55. Tropical Health geography manual Private work made during 1994-93. Collection of many social geographic
basic concept applied to health.. 350 pages. In French.
56. Reader and writer of summaries of Pediatric international literature from English and Spanish for the International Center for Childhood
Paris 1993
57. Health cover of general practice, immunization levels and pregnancy follow up in rural area of El Salvador 1991-92 when with Physician without border (MSF). 156 pages. In Spanish. Having anticipated national health enquiry made 2 years later by UNICEF.
58. Ergonomic and labor sociological study of one job in Buenos Aires underground as professional practice for ergonomics diploma. 110
pages. Document in Spanish with French summary.
59. Child under-nutrition anthropometric study in poor suburbs around Buenos Aires.1500 records. 3 articles of 30
pages made separated by a period of 5 months (2 campaign of record). Document freely provided to relevant
institutions in Argentina and Paris.6 month of part time (30% time) study. for Physicians of the World In Spanish
60. Research for Regional social planning health services and medical consumption of foreign students in Paris, France, at national public
insurance scheme for them. Sampling of report of medical services, time scheduled along they residency, basic bio data (age, gender, etc.) and large regional geographic discrepancies of consumption In French
61. Detailed theoretical case studies of: 1) hunger and famine ecology, 2) Agriculture for rent versus basic crops subsistence interrelations, 3)
photovoltaic powered water pumping project, 4) social anthropoeconomy on hill slope agriculture. During master degree in regional
planning. 1989 In French

Central America

5 months
economics of decentralization of public health services (Nicaragua, World Bank project 1993), 3 months study & project health communication (Honduras U.N.F.P.A. - project 1994), 3 months study drug delivery in primary health

Advanced Industrial Economics Studies. (DESS)

August 1992 - October 1993

Assessment of industrial projects and policies. One full year of studies characterized by 1) Curriculum more rigorous and more practical than a doctoral
preparation of economics, 2) Excellent marks in practical case studies implying investigations (first marks in professional
period of probation in Renault: 3 short studies). Complementary activities included physician general practice
substitution during holidays in France (3 months) Collection of basic material for the design of a book on tropical health
geography (350 pages). Professional reader and writer of French summaries of English and Spanish Health
literature for the International Center for Infancy (CIE) of Paris. Some 100 articles read and summarized.

One semester intern

hospital organization

months public health cover assessment (Salvador, M.S.F.1991), 1 year and half urban health economics investigation

First period as humanitarian doctor and health researcher

September 1989 - June 1991

with French doctors
organizations (MDM and MSF) in Argentina (poor suburbs of Buenos Aires) and El Salvador rural area. Primary health
care in the morning, community and public health in the afternoon.. Epidemiology of children's undernutrition, geographic
health-cover, follows up of pregnancies, immunization cover, etc. Trainings for primary care agents. One trimester of professional ergonomic study in Buenos Aires underground (practical part of advanced technician diploma in ergonomics.

Opportunities often supported further interest in many subjects: Nutrition, Food and Hunger, Neuro-physiology and cognition, AIDS, Epidemiological Modeling of Infectious Diseases, Essential Drugs prescription table in Excel, etc.

1989 is the year when I finish much of the studies I had started 1) viva of my medical thesis (honors with special
congratulations), 2) Master degree in regional planning - fulfilled after a 2 months study of health-medical consumption of foreign students in France and 3) end of theoretical part of studies in ergonomics.

Part time 1986 -1989 Medical thesis Subject was about an Endemic of Africa: urinary schistosomiasis. Bibliographic
synthesis using primarily English literature. It implied visits at the libraries of London School of Hygiene and Tropical
Medicine and at World Health Organization Geneva headquarters. Overviews of community exposure, snail's ecology,
health engineering as well as with parasite's immunology, intermediate host biology, epidemiological modeling and clinics.

4 Semesters of residency in General Medicine have been oriented to cover different technical aspects of health
services and sciences: 1) psychiatry, 2) radiology, 3) hospitals' central organization and 4) Tropical Medicine and Aids'
day hospital (with clinical trials). Also allowed post graduation in tropical medicine, community health, mother and child
primary care and a certificate of medical statistics. Medical thesis preparation took 3 more times than usual and can...


Schistosoma haematobium bilharziasis (African). Tools for public
health and community health &medicine. Bibliographic review. Research having included WHO and
LSHTM 450 pages. Registre National des thèses de médecine In French
63. Flow of external medical consults of a Paris large hospital at the Entry. Service of methods and organization of Paris Hospital Public

French National Railroad Society

In French
64. Hygiene and safety of Etude of a railway job in French National Railroad Society (SNCF) direct observation, sample of flows of activity 50
hours best mark of the group. In French
65. Surgery block stretcher bearer and Surgery nurse work-ergonomic study in a Paris' hospital 120 hours study for professional ergonomic
diploma study 1986. Time flows of activity and cognitive research. In French
66. Otitis media epidemiology in a Paris' kindergarten. Community health study for a university diploma. 1986 In French

Qualifications & Certifications

industrial economics

Conservatoire des Arts & Métiers C.N.A.M. Paris.

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